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Iyun Ayin – “Immersion Is Spaciousness”: Integral Jewish Meditation

Spiritual awakening is the realization that you are far more than your thoughts and feelings. Beneath your personality, there’s a radiant field of awareness, free from negativity and connected to the aliveness of the present moment. These sessions begin with learning a text from the traditional weekly Torah reading, followed by chanting and Integral Jewish Meditation. This is followed by Q&A, sharing, and dialogue.

Full Spectrum Integral Health & Wellness

More than at any time in the past, we are in need of a truly integral approach to health and wellness. Join this series with Ben Calder of the Centre for Integral Health, UK, to learn from his multi-disciplinary, integral approach to becoming a warrior for your health in body, mind and spirit, in self, culture and nature.


The Koan of Chronic Illness: An Integral Approach

Join us for a look into the world of chronic illness from the personal trauma and disempowerment of being a patient to the systemic inequities, shadows, and complications of the health care system. We’ll consider how the integral models and an integral consciousness can radically alter the experience of illness and also discover how illness can be a path to personal and spiritual growth.


Fireside Chat On Politics And Culture, with Jeff Salzman

Integral theory gives us enormous insight into the issues of the day, such as Russia/Ukraine, the culture war, race, politics, the environment, poverty/development, art and spirituality. For over a decade with his popular podcast, The Daily Evolver, Jeff Salzman has sought to bring an integral sensibility to current events, pointing out the updraft of Emergence and how it animates our evolving world and selves. While evolution is beautiful, however, it is not pretty and life provides us (individually and collectively) with plenty of challenges. In these sessions, Jeff will offer commentary and invite questions from participants.


The Ken Wilber Study Group: SES Notes Series

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Hi Friends, from January to April, we read the 551 pages of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: the Spirit of Evolution (SES). Now, we will continue on to the last 236 pages of End Notes. Open to anyone who has read the main SES book regardless of whether you were part of the Integral Life SES study group earlier this year. Click event link for details.

Virtual Practice Session

Integral Men’s Group

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

A monthly, 2-hour deep dive! PLEASE NOTE: This group requires on-time attendance, and will be closed after 10 minutes to maintain a smooth container. Join evolutionary men's guide Jason Lange for an experiential men's group. Get present with yourself, connect with other men, and come away with more clarity about what's ready to happen next in your life. The session will include some light embodiment practices, individual check-ins, breakout rooms to go deep with another man, and space for a few men to get deeper support from the entire group. This will not be a conceptual or teaching-oriented group - your lives will be the focus!

Virtual Practice Session

The Power Of Your Story As An Integral Practice

Our Lives hold many tales. Whether they are eagerly unconventional or relatively normal, like hidden gems, these tales provide profound insights into growth and intimacy. Is it a short piece about a walk with a special friend, a secret to reveal, searching for our identity, or making sense of your past, present and future of through an Integral lens? Join this series of memoir writing workshops with Shabnam Curtis, author of My Persian Paradox: Memories of an Iranian Girl.

Virtual Practice Session

Uncertainment Lounge

Uncertainment Lounge is not a relativistic refuge from truth-seeking or certainty, nor a panacea, or a therapy, but rather a practice space for embodied participatory knowing. Practicing together in/as the polarity of knowing and not-knowing builds capacity to turn toward the unknowable, the uncontrollable, and the mysterious as they emerge within and between us in real time.

Virtual Practice Session

Integral Christianity in Collective Mystical Practice

Join Paul Smith and other community members for a beautiful gathering in exploring the meditative and contemplative prayer practice of Whole-Body Mystical Awakening and its basis in the Three Faces of God and Four Centers of Spiritual Knowing. This session will be led by Paul Smith, co-founder of the Integral Christian Network and author of Integral Christianity and Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough? You Enough? Jesus and the Three Faces of God.

Virtual Practice Session

Construir Puentes Integrales Y Futuros Compartidos: El Potencial Del Diálogo Intercultural (Spanish session)

Join the live Zoom session ¿De qué se trata todo esto? La gran mayoria de nosotros hemos sido formateados y formados prácticamente desde nuestro nacimiento para competir, exigir, luchar y tener la razón. Y así participamos en la vida, desde la limitada mirada de “esto está bien ó esto está mal”, ó esto es “mejor o peor”. Y esta forma ...

Virtual Practice Session

Integral Sister’s Connection Cafe (this week’s session facilitated by Pam Pence)

This group is run by women of Integral Life to gather, connect consciously and support each other around a specific topic, informal spontaneous open discussions, meditations, reflection questions or anything else that feels alive and meaningful. We welcome a generous serving of loving kindness, integral curiosity, your talents, laughter, tears and the potential of sisterhood. Don't forget your tea or coffee!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a session?

As long as you are a current member of Integral Life, simply login and visit the detail page of the session you’d like to join; you can access session detail pages on the home page or on the main Calendar (see top of the site navigation). You can quickly and easily add sessions to your personal calendar using the links provided inside each Practice Session (Google or iCal). A button to join that session will be live 15 minutes before the session begins inside the session details page. Also, be sure to set your time zone in your account settings so that you always see each session’s start time in your local time.

How are sessions organised? Do I need a camera and a microphone?

Practice Sessions are designed to be safe, confidential containers for practice and discussion led by Practice Leaders and amongst other members. Having your camera on and your microphone working is an important part of creating the right experience for everyone, though it may not be strictly mandatory in every case (it is left to the Practice Leader’s discretion).

Why don’t you record / make any of the session recordings public?

This format of ILP is designed to be a live, confidential container for practice with other people. Members rely on this policy to feel secure they can show up fully.

Can I participate in some practice if I missed the previous sessions?

Yes! All Practice Sessions are available to all members at all times.

Should I participate in the same practice session more than once?

Yes! Building new mental, emotional and behavioral habits takes time and repetition, so we highly encourage you to attend as many of the same Practice Sessions as you can until you feel like you’ve built the skills and the transformation within you has occurred.

Are there any guidelines or rules I should know before joining any of the sessions?

Over the years of our own practice we have collected a set of guiding principles that can help you get the most of the live sessions (click the image below):

What happens after my $1 trial expires?

You will be charged at the regular monthly membership rate. You can cancel or switch your membership at any time.

Can you organise more sessions for people outside of US/Europe timezones?

We are trying to schedule sessions to meet the needs of as many people as possible, but even in the United States, where a lot of our members reside, we have to cut back on Practice Sessions that are not well-attended. So we’re balancing a diversity of topics and times with the need to make sure each is well-attended enough to make the entire offering sustainable. We have consciously designed ILP’s timing to try to make some sessions available at convenient times from East Asia to London to Sydney.