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The Ken Show

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Click here to join the live zoom session In Zen Buddhism, the word kensho describes a sudden glimpse or insight into the nature of reality. At Integral Life, the “Ken Show” intends to offer you a very similar opportunity. The Ken Show is a monthly series with Ken Wilber, broadcast live on the second Saturday of every month, exclusively on ...

Integral Philosophy: The Tao Te Ching

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join Lee Mason for a deeper dive into Philosophies and philosophers that inform integral thinking.

Eastern Philosophy: Exploring the Vedantic Self and Buddhist Non-Self

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Click here to join the live zoom session Whether it is the individual and collective, the inner and outer, east and west or evolution and involution, Integralists love to integrate! That’s why at this session we will look into two age-old views that come from eastern philosophical thought: the Vedantic concept of Self and the Buddhist concept of Non-self. During ...

Integral Men’s Group: “If only you knew the power of the Dark Side…” p.2

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

This men’s group is a chance for the Men of Integral Life to come together and find the right blend of challenge and support to better find their truth, navigate dynamic times, and give their gifts skillfully in their work, relationships, and beyond. These sessions will be purposeful, practice-based, and attuned to your unique interests and needs.

Integral Embodiment: Breathing

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join Lee to engage in a series of breathing exercises to fully inhabit your physical, subtle and causal body. Let your breath flow through your life.

The John Vervaeke Study Group: Episodes 38 & 39 (Agape, 4E Cognitive Science and the Religion of No Religion)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join this ongoing study group to participate in the brilliant work of John Vervaeke, professor of cognitive science and Buddhist psychology at the University of Toronto. He offers a deep context to what we might experience as a meaning crisis–the endless difficulty of finding deep connection and the complex conundrum of sense-making–or what Ken Wilber called, “a world gone slightly mad” in his book The Eye of Spirit.

Integral Church

Integral Church invites you into the power of sacred dialogue. In dialogue, one listens to the other side(s) in order to understand, find meaning, and find agreement. In debate, one listens to the other side in order to find flaws and to counter its arguments. Dialogue enlarges and possibly changes a participant’s point of view, whereas debate affirms a participant’s own point of view.

Integral Meditation Practice Empowered by 21st Century Technology

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Whether you are suffering from substance abuse issues or not, we all have issues in our lives that cause us pain and can hold us back from being the people we were meant to be, if we do not process them with great care and skillfulness. Integral Life Practice, or Integral Recovery Practice, is the vehicle that allows us to travel the territory and universe that the AQAL map reveals.

Living Here & Now

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join Lee to turn the timeless and formless into embodied presence through practical exercises.

Integral Women’s Group

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Welcome to the Integral Women’s Group where we actively create a culture of sisterhood based on mutual compassion and respect, that holds each to greater levels of growth, personal accountability and challenge to take increasingly wider perspectives.

The Forgiveness Field

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Enter the forgiveness field: a collective space where we can bring our grudges, gripes, grievances and resentments into the open air, and let them go, using the seven-step Forgiveness Made Easy process. Join Barbara Hunt for a guided visualisation process to release your resentments in the "privacy" of your own space, whilst also being part of the collective "forgiveness field".

Family Ties: Celebrating Connection

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Explore optimal ways of relating to your family system in the Lower Left Quadrant. Unearth deep behavioral patterns from a place of compassion and wisdom.

Enneagram, Transformation, and Living from Essence: Let the Arrows Show the Way

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

The enneagram is a powerful tool for enhancing our own psychological and spiritual development. Whether you’re brand new to it OR a seasoned veteran with enneagram work, this new format invites all enneagram types (1-9) to come learn, explore, and practice. This introductory session will get us oriented as to what is to come as well as get us practicing with this typology methodology.

An Integral View on Conflict

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Explore the nature of a variety of topics from an Integral perspective.

The 4 Quadrants of Money

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join Jordan for a learning/discussion group where we will organically explore financial literacy and the psychology of money and investing in the digital-crypto age, through the lens of the four quadrants.

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What People Say About ILP:

  • Engaging with ILP in live sessions for just the past 8 weeks has been the most powerful, transformative experience of my life. And a time when I really needed it. The experiences, awakening, shifts and even some of the friends I’ve made are literally priceless, and I can’t believe you’re not charging thousands of dollars for it. Because you could. – Judy S.

  • Fantastic session. It was incredible to experience so much in one hour. Listening to others and their perspectives contributed to the illumination – Kim Willis about Jogen Salzberg's "No Hindrance"

  • Paula was obviously very experienced, she did a great job. Breakout rooms and repetition of instructions were great. – Nick Gluzdov about Paula Staffeldt's "Reality-Based Leadership"

  • The practice/content was clear and illuminating. Lisa's delivery, in terms of voice and pacing, was extraordinarily "just right". I'm looking forward to the next session! – Athena A. Pallis about Lisa Frost's "Integrating Previous Stages"

  • It was amazing how quickly Grant was able to set a safe space and make the process approachable for everyone. Well organized but not regimented. I really liked how lite and simple it was - coming from the middle of my workday and task oriented calls it was fresh air.– Josh McGill about Grant Hunter's "Circle Of Mutuality Group"

  • I have participated in 3 sessions so far, and have enjoyed how Lee creates an environment of clarity, simplicity, humanity and depth no matter what topic he introduces/lets us experience. – Anja C. about Lee Mason's "Harnessing the Power of Your Enneatype"

  • I was surprised at how much I accomplished in the one session. I’ve been working on a university course for branding a mission, but I got more with this. – Karin Payne about Nomali Perera's "Four Quadrant Mission Statement"

  • Outstanding session! From monkey mind to unity awareness within minutes thanks to Keith's excellent facilitation. Keith skillfully creates a practice space and consistently supports everyone's engagement throughout. – Lee Mason about Keith Martin-Smith's "Uncovering the Wisdom Within"

  • I really like that I left the session with a specific goal for the week. It was specific and inspiring. I was also inspired by the others I met in the breakout groups and they triggered other things for me to explore. – Claire Worlidge about Lee Mason's "Unleash Your Talents"

  • Very well organized information and exercises to reveal more that I need to know. I have some extra tools now and phrases to use when I'm in those sticky situations. – Mary Janicki about Nomali Perera's "Creating Healthy Boundaries for Empaths"

  • Great midday practice. Loving this new-to-me inhabiting awareness. Wonderful. – Sheila L. Stahl about Ryan Oelke's "Embodied Awareness"

  • Loved it! You get to see everyones perspectives and join in freely, everyone got a chance to speak up! So interesting and new-perspective-promoting! – Luna W. about Tyko Granberger's "Unity Within: Owning the Voices of Vulnerability and Power"