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Bohmian Dialogue: A Collective Inquiry

September 18Β at 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PDT

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Dialogue is not discussion, nor is it debate. Dialogue is a suspension of thoughts, impulses, judgments etc. A suspension that involves exposing your reactions, impulses, feelings and opinions in such a way that they can be seen and felt within your own psyche and also be reflected back by others in the group. It does not mean repressing or suppressing or, even, postponing them. It means, simply, giving them your serious attention so that their structures can be noticed while they are actually taking place.

A group of people, invited to give their time and serious attention to a task that has no apparent goal, and is not being led in any detectable direction may quickly find themselves experiencing a great deal of anxiety or annoyance. Participants find that they are involved in an ever-changing and developing pool of common meaning. A shared content of consciousness emerges which allows a level of presence, creativity and insight. You can expect to feel frustrated, confused, excited and delighted! I look forward to hosting a dialogue with you.

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Meet Your Practice Leader

Eliot has been running workshops and facilitating group work for seven years. He started working on his rationality skills ten years ago and his life opened up when he discovered the wonders of the upper left quadrant through integral. That opening created space for meditative practices as well as emotional work and somatic deepening. Eliot hosts the Sydney Integral meetup fortnightly discussions on all topics integral, politics, therapy, and more! He has recently launched himself into coaching, along with a commitment to physical fitness. He has a commitment to health on all levels, at all stages and in every facet of his capacity. Eliot likes to sit in the presence of the whole and sense into the collective experience. As an extrovert coming from Sydney, Australia, he regularly hosts collective practices and is looking forward to meeting you!

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September 18
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PDT
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Eliot Red