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The John Vervaeke Study Group

February 17 at 9:00 am - 10:30 am PST

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The John Vervaeke Study Group

17 February 2022
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Join this ongoing study group to participate in the brilliant work of John Vervaeke, professor of cognitive science and Buddhist psychology at the University of Toronto. He offers a deep context to what we might experience as a meaning crisis–the endless difficulty of finding deep connection and the complex conundrum of sense-making–or what Ken Wilber called, “a world gone slightly mad” in his book The Eye of Spirit.


According to Vervaeke, there are crises brewing in each of the Big Three perspectives (The I, The We and The It(s), as Integral refers to them): a crisis of meaning in the subjective (interior individual) domain, the culture wars of the intersubjective (interior collective) domain, and a crisis of hyperobjects in the objective (exterior) domains. Vervaeke’s research and ongoing work moves, through an extensive exploration of history, toward a more positive space of integration in a fragmented world. Sounds familiar, Integralists?

Let’s hop aboard a tour de force of perspectives in Goodness, Truth and Beauty through history, anthropology, religion, spirituality, cognitive science, altered states and much, much more. Ultimately, let’s challenge ourselves to cultivate wisdom, commit to practice and make our best attempt at enacting the sacred marriage of sense and soul.


How this study/practice group works: 

The context to this study group will be a 50-episode YouTube series developed by John Vervake called Awakening from the Meaning Crisis. For each session, you will be required to watch 2 – 3 videos on your own (or in a group you may create). At each session, we will engage in a discussion and a practice that helps us ground an aspect of the material in our daily lives. Depending on attendance and interest—and if we are brave—we will complete all 50 episodes over the coming months.


Homework: Please watch the below videos (for those joining for the first time, please note we have already covered episodes 1 – 9).


Please Note:

  • Although these sessions are sequentially building up, drop-ins are welcome. However, please be caught up with the material as we won’t be going over videos we have already covered.
  • Mr. John Vervaeke, PhD is not attending these sessions although we hope someday he might!
  • The material is dense. Please join with the understanding that group sessions are only 90 minutes long and we simply cannot cover everything.

For questions regarding this study group, please contact Nomali through www.practicalintegral.com/nomali-perera.

Optional: Join up to 10 minutes early to chat informally, meditate or engage in some music together.

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February 17
9:00 am - 10:30 am PST
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Nomali Perara