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Finding Your Power, Love, and Light: Morning Flow with Kundalini Yoga

Join Grant for a hybrid kata that combines movement and stillness to open the heart-mind for increased vitality and compassion. The arc of the practice starts with getting in touch with our deepest inspiration for practice, performing light calisthenics, energization exercises, moving through all 3 bodies (gross, subtle and causal). Once we’re warmed up, we engage a seated practice with ...

The Daily Evolver

In the Daily Evolver series, host Jeff Salzman explores the pressing news stories of the day, lending some much-needed perspective to the people, events, and ideas that shape the world around us, offering a regular touchpoint for one of the most important practices of all: the practice of staying informed. Every Wednesday at 12 PM PT (1 PM MT / ...

Finally Free: Releasing Shame

“At some point in our lives, most of us absorbed this false belief that causes the feeling of shame. As a result of not feeling seen, loved, valued and understood, we developed the belief that we were not being loved because there was something wrong with us.” - Margaret Paul Shame is the feeling that there is something inherently wrong ...