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FREE SESSION: The Power of Purpose

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Purpose can be defined as the reason for which you have been created. Your purpose is like having a North Star to guide your sense of direction and contribution. It is the way in which you derive the greatest sense of meaning.Β  It can also be a great source of confusion, frustration and apathy if you don't know your purpose ...

N.A.I.L. Freedom and Flow

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We all have unconscious bias - those blindspots that cloud our judgment, robbing us of our power. We all experience discomfort hearing that we have biases that prevent us from living our potential. In spite of everything, self-awareness is a definite possibility and the only way to reclaim our destiny. Imagine what can be different when you become more skilled ...

Healing the Inner Critic (Part 2/4)

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At its worst, the inner critic is that internal voice that tends to judge and demean you. But could this voice actually be beneficial? What would it look like to heal the toxic inner critic?Β    Join Lisa for a journey into unwinding the subtle and not-so-subtle effects of the inner critic on our lives and relationships and finding the ...