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Exhale: A Free, Full-Day, At-Home Practice Retreat to Release and Recharge

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Become a Supporting Member to Get Full Access to Integral Life Practice Platform (and save $100 off our upcoming membership update!) As a supporting member of Integral Life, you will gain access to life-changing practices, perspectives, and presentations, published weekly, and all designed to help you live with unprecedented levels of freedom and fullness. Rather than focus on merely one ...

Integral Life Practice: The Antidote to a Divided Era

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Divided minds lead to divided times, and it is the central calling of an integral life to heal division within and in the world through a living capacity for higher integration, inclusion and compassion. This isn’t easy, and it requires practice, but ILP is a dedicated community to help you do so. Meet your practice leader Robb Smith is a ...

2020 Through the Stages of Development

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

In this session, Beena Sharma will walk us through a short practice of harmonizing our experiences of 2020, using the lens of vertical development. Beena will take us on a short yet spacious tour of one aspect of each stage of development that we can explore subjectively. You can walk away with a brief practice guide you can use anytime. ...

Our Response to Natural Drives (Building Cross-Cultural Awareness)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

How important is leisure to you? Should society have more lax norms concerning casual sex? Are you surrounded mostly by extroverts? Is optimism a good thing? In this final session of the series, we will explore the link between culture and our subjective sense of well-being. Perhaps even more explicitly than other human dilemmas, Indulgence vs. Restraint (IVR) operates at ...

Unity within: Owning the Voices of the Joker and Secretary of State

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Welcome to a voice dialog practice with Tyko Granberger that invites you to converse with different voices arising out of this present moment in history, specifically with the voices of the Joker and the Secretary of State. Talking through and to our different feelings makes us come into contact with more sides of ourselves. It also helps us release stagnant ...

The Integral Gripe with Green

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Clare W. Graves, Ph.D., the researcher behind Spiral Dynamics, stated that one makes a "quantum leap" to enter Second Tier (Integral). While we may carry into it our shadow from all previous stages of evolution, the one that tends to bug integralists the most seems to be postmodern "green", the stage that's knocking on Integral's door. As Integralists, while some ...

Integral Bypassing: The Map Is Not the Territory

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

"Spiritual bypassing," a term that was coined by psychotherapist John Welwood, means a "tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks." In such a similar fashion, friends, let us explore if and how we may be falling into "integral bypassing." Meet Your Practice Leader Nomali Perera, MA, ...

Integrating Polarities Q&A

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join Beena Sharma and Corey deVos for a free Q&A about how to manage and integrate polarity in your own life, in your work, and in your relationships. This isn’t just another way to use and apply the integral map — it’s a way to learn the type of thinking that produces things like ‘integral maps’ in the first place. ...

Healing the Inner Critic (Part 3/4)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join Lisa Frost for a journey into unwinding the subtle and not-so-subtle effects of the inner critic on our lives and relationships and finding the path through.

The Little Book of Big Change (Book Discussion 4/4)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

We are not our habits, or even our addictions—and the power to end them permanently is already ours. Let 2022 be the year in which you say good-bye to the habitual baggage you’ve carried for so long and embrace real and lasting change!
Join Paula Staffeldt, in a four-session book discussion (same day/same time) of Dr. Amy Brown’s The Little Book of Big Change.

Trying On Perspectives

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Our consciousness delivers a worldview of ourselves acting as autonomous agents, controlling our life. That worldview is the frame of the subject of our awareness. It is the proverbial water that we fish swim in everyday, moment to moment. What would it take for us to recognize that water in which we are swimming?


Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Quadrants, levels, lines, types and states…oh my.

Understanding them is one thing - in Integral Coaching we call this “looking at.” Embodying them or “looking as” is something else entirely. Join Lisa for a journey through the Integral Map where we’ll dive into a different element each month and you’ll come away with ways to deepen your inquiry and embodiment between sessions.

For our inaugural session, we'll dive into the upper left and upper right "individual" quadrants and explore what the view looks like from the outside and from the inside.

Perspectives on Development with Terri O’Fallon

Click here to join the live zoom session Terri and Keith will start with a brief overview of what, exactly, adult ego growth is and why it matters. They will also explore why adult developmental psychology, despite being part of the academic culture for more than 100 years, isn’t more understood and used by mainstream therapist and psychologists. Terri’s research ...

An Integral View on Love

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Explore the nature of a variety of topics from an Integral perspective.


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