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The Ken Wilber Study Group: Chap. 11: Brave New World

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Friends, it is time to return to holding a good old fashioned book in our hands by taking a bit of a break from the endless YouTube videos, podcasts and streaming TV. Instead, let's commit some time to engage in Ken Wilber's Integral teachings, which are best absorbed as a psychoactive process of reading. And there is no better way to do this than by coming into community to study, inquire, learn together and generate collective wisdom.

Iyun Ayin – “Immersion Is Spaciousness”: Integral Jewish Meditation

Spiritual awakening is the realization that you are far more than your thoughts and feelings. Beneath your personality, there’s a radiant field of awareness, free from negativity and connected to the aliveness of the present moment. These sessions begin with learning a text from the traditional weekly Torah reading, followed by chanting and Integral Jewish Meditation. This is followed by Q&A, sharing, and dialogue.

Integral Startups and Investing: Financing Innovation and Transformation

Are you excited about starting a company that can have a global impact? A report by PitchBook and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) found that venture capital investment in startups in the United States reached a record high of $156.2 billion in 2020, up from $138.1 billion in 2019. How can integralists start companies that can get funding and scale impact globally? What are the blind spots integralists carry when launching a project? How can we integrate healthy Orange in with our Teal vision? This group session will discuss strategies to build stable startups and capital raise strategies.

Integral Men’s Group – (Free first two gatherings)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

A monthly, 2-hour deep dive! Join evolutionary men's guide Jason Lange for an experiential men's group. Get present with yourself, connect with other men, and come away with more clarity about what's ready to happen next in your life. The session will include some light embodiment practices, individual check-ins, breakout rooms to go deep with another man, and space for a few men to get deeper support from the entire group. This will not be a conceptual or teaching-oriented group - your lives will be the focus!

Mainstreaming Integral: How To Translate Integral For A Broader Audience (FREE EVENT)

How would you put integral thinking on the map? What integral ideas do you think require translation, and how would you translate them? Stephanie Lepp is an award-winning producer whose work has always been integral-inspired, yet has rarely mentioned the word "integral." In our session, we'll view a showcase of 'integral translation' projects — from the Reckonings podcast, which told the stories of people who expanded their political worldviews and made other kinds of evolutionary change, to the Deep Reckonings deepfake project, in which an imaginary Brett Kavanaugh says, "evolution is beautiful, but it's not pretty." Let's explore our own ideas of how to scale integral.


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