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Delicious Beyond Gender: Embracing Our Masculine & Feminine Essence **Note change of start time

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

PLEASE NOTE NEW START TIME OF 11:30am PT – On the other side of complex gender discussions (biological male/female, non-binary and LGBTQQIP2SAA or 2SLGBTQQIPAA in Canada) is yet another topic of relational essence regardless of gender identity. That is the world of masculine and feminine energies and expressions in all of us beyond gender. No matter who we are in these times of deep polarization, perhaps we can all agree on two things: we all die and we are all sexual beings! So while we are alive, why not wake up, grow up, clean and show up through some of these powerful energies?

Integral Church

Integral Church invites you into the power of sacred dialogue. In dialogue, one listens to the other side(s) in order to understand, find meaning, and find agreement. In debate, one listens to the other side in order to find flaws and to counter its arguments. Dialogue enlarges and possibly changes a participant’s point of view, whereas debate affirms a participant’s own point of view.

Integral Meditation Practice Empowered by 21st Century Technology

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Whether you are suffering from substance abuse issues or not, we all have issues in our lives that cause us pain and can hold us back from being the people we were meant to be, if we do not process them with great care and skillfulness. Integral Life Practice, or Integral Recovery Practice, is the vehicle that allows us to travel the territory and universe that the AQAL map reveals.

Integral Life Members Holiday Gathering: Poetry, Prayers, Art & Heart!

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Click here to join the live zoom session Let''s get together to hear from each other! Bring your holiday gifts of anything you'd like to share. Poetry, prayers, a song, art, brief teachings or just your heart and presence to listen and be with us. Let's also explore a little bit about what we might envision for 2023. Meet Your ...

The Ken Wilber Integral Study Group

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Friends, it is time to return to holding a good old fashioned book in our hands by taking a bit of a break from the endless YouTube videos, podcasts and streaming TV. Instead, let's commit some time to engage in Ken Wilber's Integral teachings, which are best absorbed as a psychoactive process of reading. And there is no better way to do this than by coming into community to study, inquire, learn together and generate collective wisdom.


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