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3, 2, 1 of Mother

Virtual Practice Session

Motherhood has many meanings to each of us from "mother out there" to the "mother within" regardless of gender, and whether we have birthed children or not. Often, it is a relationship that spans, plunges and rises through love, compassion, complexity and hardship. As we commemorate Mother's Day, let us take a loving and healing journey back to us through ...

Cultivating Spiritual Discernment (Enneagram 8 Practice Group)

Virtual Practice Session

Cultivating Spiritual Discernment is the ability to differentiate clearly between the limited personality traits of our type and our limitless true being. Join me on May 11 at noon EDT when we will take some time to re-establish a deeper connection with our true nature. Join Lynda for a monthly facilitated practice group designed specifically for Enneagram 8’s, where we ...

Embodying Wisdom (Enneagram 1 Practice Group)

Virtual Practice Session

During this session, we'll engage in exercises around the theme of wisdom. Together with your fellow participants, you'll be invited to reflect on how you personally embody wisdom in your own life. Join Lee for a monthly facilitated practice group designed specifically for Enneagram 1’s, where we will support each other on the path of becoming discerning, accepting and hopeful. ...

Circle of Mutuality Group: Integral “We-Space” Practice for Authentic Relating

Virtual Practice Session

Spiritual development is often seen as a solitary affair. Yet we live in community. When we practice together, we open up and focus on the space between us. We will practice a Sufi form of awakening called Sohbet, where we come together and slow down—to what integral teacher Terry Patten calls “super slow motion” — where we notice each sensation, ...

Combating Self-Forgetting (Enneagram 9 Practice Group)

Virtual Practice Session

As 9s there can often be a tendency to easily abandon one’s own primary agenda, focus, and direction in favor of secondary agendas for others that don’t hold as much meaning, weight, or impact for what we uniquely want. This next session is tailored to looking at a weekly practice that can help us stay on target with our own ...

Befriending Chaos

Virtual Practice Session

Join Lee Mason to learn how to skilfully manage the existential challenges of navigating a rapidly changing polarized world. Practice Testimonials "Lee is so organized; thorough, succinct, and thoughtful. He helps me ground and be present. When I heard 'so many steps to follow' he immediately buffeted with a split-screen option to refer to in the breakout. I can model ...

Enneagram 5 in Practice

Virtual Practice Session

April Theme: Exploring Intimate Relationships This month we'll explore type Five's focal points - from commitment to loneliness, detachment and avarice - in intimate relationships. What have you learned and how have you grown from past experience? Where is your developmental edge right now? Join Jordan for a monthly facilitated practice group designed specifically for Enneagram 5’s, where we will ...

Reframe to Freedom

Virtual Practice Session

“Every bad feeling is potential energy toward the right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.” So said Eugene Gendlin, the originator of the Focusing practice. And given the current circumstances: pandemic, racial tensions, political unrest, just to name a few, it’s likely that you’re experiencing some so-called “bad feelings” and wish that things ...

Claim Your Calling

Virtual Practice Session

The Ladder doesn’t go anywhere. The race isn’t real. The things we have are not as important as the grooves we carve. Deep down, we know this. Yet, we do nothing. We’re called to something more in our life, yet we’re anchored to the life we have. Most of us would prefer to have a calling, but we’re unwilling to ...

Creating Conscious Friendships: Integral Women’s Group

Virtual Practice Session

Although our capacity for deeper connections actually increases with self-development, many of us have found that as we progress on our journey of growth that the friendships we once enjoyed no longer nourish us in the same way. Wouldn’t it be nice to develop friendships with women who share your values of waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing ...

Bringing Out the Best in Each Other

Virtual Practice Session

In a world of social distancing, polarization of beliefs and clashing worldviews, connection has felt hard to come by. Yet the only way we are going to heal the rift is to find a way through. Join Lee for a session designed to increase your ability to connect from a place of wisdom and compassion with other people whose worldviews ...

Enneagram 2 in Practice

Virtual Practice Session

How does your core fear of being unworthy of being loved or your core desire to to be loved show up in your daily experience? What triggers you to repress or avoid your own needs and feelings to maintain the self image of being "helpful?” How often do you adapt or change yourself to earn approval? How often are you ...