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Numbing out Numbness & Distracting Yourself From Distractions (Enneagram 9 Practice Group)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

In the Distraction Culture we live in today, it’s too easy to go to sleep to our inner needs, values, or objectives for our life. We favor the infinite scroll, the binge watch, or the mindless comatose stare of over-thinking and ruminating. The ennea-9 herself is a category expert at numbing out, distractions, and avoiding the important for the secondary ...

“FISBE” and The Power of the Empowerment Dynamic

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Special Guest, Donna Zajonc, joins Nomali Perera In the spring and summer of 2021, Nomali Perera led various Integral Life Practice sessions introducing the concepts of the “Dreaded Drama Triangle” and its antidote, “The Empowerment Dynamic,” founded by David Emerald. In this session, we are excited to be joined by Donna Zajonc, a Master Certified Coach and Director of Learning ...

Live Awake

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So, you’ve woken up! Congratulations!….Now what? If you’ve had an enlightenment experience, the world may look pretty different to you now than it did before. What does 'being in the world, but not of the world’ look like? How do you live “awake?” Four surprisingly simple instructions offer beginning touchstones for navigating your everyday “post-awakening” life with wisdom and grace. ...