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FREE SESSION: Vibrant Vision for 2022

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

THIS LIVE EVENT HAS PASSED. VIEW THE REPLAY BELOW. What do you really want in 2022? Is there any part of you that answered: “I don’t know”? How could that be? How is it possible that you don’t know what you really want? It’s easy to say that current global events prevent you from knowing the answer to this question. ...

Living Awake

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So, you’ve woken up! Congratulations!….Now what? If you’ve had an enlightenment experience, the world may look pretty different to you now than it did before. What does 'being in the world, but not of the world’ look like? How do you live “awake?” Join Paula Staffeldt in a monthly interactive exploration of what it looks like to navigate your everyday “post-awakening” life with wisdom and grace.

Integral Women’s Group

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Welcome to the Integral Women’s Group where we actively create a culture of sisterhood based on mutual compassion and respect, that holds each to greater levels of growth, personal accountability and challenge to take increasingly wider perspectives.

Debate as a Contemplative Discipline

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Practicing the process of debate outwardly in relation to other beings can teach us so much about how to go through it internally with ease and elegant simplicity. We can learn to enjoy the process whereby existing opinions are forced by wisdom into concession. This is a crucial compliment to a non-conceptual meditation practice for anyone wishing to become a masterful co-creator of intention.

Healing the Inner Critic (Part 2/4)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

At its worst, the inner critic is that internal voice that tends to judge and demean you. But could this voice actually be beneficial? What would it look like to heal the toxic inner critic? Join Lisa for a journey into unwinding the subtle and not-so-subtle effects of the inner critic on our lives and relationships and finding the path through.