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Engaging In The Prophetic

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

This is a basic prophetic course that allows us to develop the skill of engaging in the prophetic as well as chronicling our journey in a journal. We will debrief what the prophetic is and ultimately, practice in the arts of the prophetic. 

Witt & Wisdom

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Click here to join the live zoom session Keith Witt explores the rich terrain of the integral mind. Will include an open Q&A with anyone who would like to join the call. Just click the zoom link below to join the discussion! You can watch this free broadcast on the first Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM PT (3:00 ...

The Way of the Integral Bodhisattva (Free Event)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

The world needs beings that can see the bigger picture, and beings that can take compassionate action, to help evolve culture as a whole. Fortunately, the pathway to cultivating Great Compassion and bringing its fruits into the world has been elucidated by the teachers that have come before us. Join Rev. Bu Nan Brown as we take a guided tour through the Embodied Heart Practices of Buddhism. In this field of practice we will explore the depth of somatic Heart practice, and integrate it into the fields of interconnection.

Integral Life Members’ Call: The Magic of WE

This call is for Integral Life members to engage with each other in a space of friendship, connection, support and growth. Bring with you your open heart and mind to generate a beautiful, ongoing, collective "Lower Left WE space!"

The Ken Wilber Study Group: SES Chapter 5, The Emergence of Human Nature

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Friends, it is time to return to holding a good old fashioned book in our hands by taking a bit of a break from the endless YouTube videos, podcasts and streaming TV. Instead, let's commit some time to engage in Ken Wilber's Integral teachings, which are best absorbed as a psychoactive process of reading. And there is no better way to do this than by coming into community to study, inquire, learn together and generate collective wisdom.

Always-Already Shaped By Tomorrow: The Integral Way of Jean Gebser (Part 1 of 2)

Jean Gebser (1905-1973) was a Swiss poet, integral philosopher and phenomenologist of consciousness. His magisterial work, The Ever-Present Origin (1949) has made significant contributions to both Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and the field of Integral Studies at large. Gebser describes — in vivid detail — the unfoldment of human consciousness across the span of history: from our origins in the archaic to the magic, mythic, and mental, and still further onto our collective integral futures. The great breadth and depth of his knowledge of art and culture, shared through the unique prose of a man who was both a poet and a contemplative, allows for a truly radiant vision of human consciousness that shines through and past concepts of linearity and hierarchy.

Like Fish in Water: To What Degree May Integral Be WEIRD and English a Colonizing Force?

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

In this conversation Susanne Cook-Greuter, along with Nomali Perera, will explore some of the subtle ways in which Integral and adult development psychology may be blind to their WEIRD biases. WEIRD is "Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic." English as the main mode of exchange is a language with a peculiar structure. It squeezes the multitude of languages and world conceptions into a single form. It colonizes our minds by what it stresses as important and what it leaves out. What if Integral became more aware of Indigenous cosmologies and sources of wisdom: They include interdependence as a foundation, reciprocity with nature and long-term historical and cyclical awareness These are not linear, progressive and do not see humans as the pinnacle of evolution.

Somatic Attachment Repair: An Integral Approach

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Somatic Attachment Repair: An Integral Approach" is a series that explores the intersection of Integral Theory and somatic attachment repair. Through this series, you will learn how to integrate mind, body, and spirit in the healing process. The series will cover topics such as the role of the body in emotional healing, the integration of mindfulness practices, the use of somatic techniques, and the role of developmental stages in attachment repair.

Integral Writers Lab: The Perspective Series (FREE first session)

n this series of practice-oriented writing classes, we will investigate the nature of a writer’s experience at the interface of language and consciousness. Each class will include creative and contemplative components. This class will start with the practices of the Modernists and move through a brief tour of select spiritual writing methods and schools to arrive at the possibility and practice of post-postmodern, integral writing.

Cultivating a Global Integral Movement, with Bence Ganti

Join this session to meet Bence Ganti, the leading convener and visionary behind the Integral European Conferences since 2014. Many of us are inspired to spread the integral vision. Are we doing it locally or globally? If we are thinking globally what does it really mean? Are we spreading our offerings internationally, or are we also creating forums for the global integral movement to be connected and to meet and interact with each other? If so, what are the skills we need to have, and what are the pitfalls that we should avoid?

The Climate Debate: An Integral Look at the Miracle and the Madness, Part 1 or 2 (FREE)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

We know that the vast majority of climate change to date has been caused by humans, and the impacts are increasing worldwide. But, what do we do now? What can we do as individuals? And how might we work generatively with the values clashes and culture wars that surround this issue. In this group session, we will sit with the tensions of climate change as an individual and collective challenge.


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