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Our penetrating discussion of Power at WhatNOW over New Years was one of the top-rated discussions we’ve hosted, with the topic of power touching a nerve in powerful, personal ways.

Because from artificial intelligence to Black Lives Matter to the #MeToo movement, power is THE hidden dynamic infusing every headline today.

If we are genuinely entering a momentous leap into the transformation age, as some integral thinkers believe that we are, than these headlines will continue and may even evidence more destabilization. But it’s our belief that we can equip ourselves to thrive amidst the volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity by empowering ourselves at four key levels of our lives: personal power, relationship power, career power and societal power.

You’re invited to Tap Your Power in a Post-Truth World, a very special event on June 15-17, when we’ll be joining Ken Wilber at his loft in Denver, Colorado. Ken will be joined by some top integral thought leaders, including Keith Witt, Ginny Whitelaw and Robb Smith, to explore the integral concept and practice of power in its personal and societal ramifications:

First, we can build immense personal power. We do so by first looking at the core drives and fears that have exercised power over us while also working to dispel shadow that disables our inner power. Then we can tap more deeply into our unique strengths and calling in order to focus our power to serve the unique direction of our lives. We finish by looking at the beliefs, habits and patterns of mind and spirit we need to cultivate to maintain our personal power.

Second, we can unleash our relationship power by understanding the unique blessings and drawbacks from our family of origin, while examining the relational patterns that keep us locked in power struggles: our mishandling of power over others or their power over us. We can transmute victimhood, resentment and aggression into communication, compassion and care that liberates us and those around us.

Third, we can cultivate deeper power in our career and calling by exposing the mental stories that stand in the way of our deepest, boldest vision for service and impact. We can understand the people, systems and ideas that we’ve submitted to willingly and those that have kept us subservient for too long. As we tap more deeply into our own powerful vision we become capable of leading the transformations we seek in the world.

Finally, we can update our power balance with society itself by committing ourselves as powerful, participative creators of the world we want to see emerge. From politics to education, from the arts to the media, we can take power back from those movements, organizations and ideas that no longer serve us, and reallocate our time, treasure and talent to those that do.

Along the way, we’ll leave no area of an integral life untouched: from personality types of power to how power is navigated at different altitudes, from an ILP that can animate our power to the ethics of submission, everything is on the table.

Because let’s make no mistake, we’re at a moment in history and culture where peak Green, multi-systematic consciousness is both confusing and assaulting power wherever it goes. And yet power describes a universe where things interact, and an integral way through power–an updated philosophy of power, a more comprehensive practice of power, and a more full spectrum of inner power–is the only way forward for leaders in the 21st century.

Come join us in Denver this June for an extraordinary, private event with Ken Wilber and guests.

In the intimate setting of Ken’s loft in Denver, Colorado, we are convening a loft event for a limited number of participants on the subject of power. This event will feature a day with Ken at his loft where he will illuminate the developmental views of power, take your questions and hang out with you in the comfort of his home.

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The second day of the Power Loft Event will be spent with Integral Life thought leaders like Dr. Keith Witt, Robb Smith, and Ginny Whitelaw as we explore the rich subjects of personal empowerment, power in relationships, power in the workplace, and power in the culture at large. Our thought leaders will lead us through exercises designed to raise our awareness of our relationship with power and illuminating our strengths and weaknesses in the way we exercise power.

All of this will take place either at Ken’s loft or at the historic Denver hotel, The Marriot Renaissance. (Picture of interior of hotel)

We will convene around great food, the company of other Integralists and Ken and the Integral Life thought leaders.


Friday June 15: Welcome Dinner

Saturday June 16: An Afternoon at Ken Wilber’s Loft

Sunday, June 17: Power Profile Development at the Marriot Renaissance

Ticket Price

$5,000. Your registration includes two nights in a standard room at the beautiful Marriot Renaissance and all your meals during our 2 1/2 day engagement.

If you want to arrive early or stay late to explore Denver or the nearby mountains, a special room rate will be extended to you for the extra nights.


june 15 (Friday) - 17 (Sunday)


Ken Wilber's Loft

Denver, CO


Ken Wilber's LoftDenver, CO

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