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The Koan of Chronic Illness: An Integral Approach

Join us for a look into the world of chronic illness from the personal trauma and disempowerment of being a patient to the systemic inequities, shadows, and complications of the health care system. We’ll consider how the integral models and an integral consciousness can radically alter the experience of illness and also discover how illness can be a path to personal and spiritual growth.

Fireside Chat On Politics And Culture, with Jeff Salzman

Integral theory gives us enormous insight into the issues of the day, such as Russia/Ukraine, the culture war, race, politics, the environment, poverty/development, art and spirituality. For over a decade with his popular podcast, The Daily Evolver, Jeff Salzman has sought to bring an integral sensibility to current events, pointing out the updraft of Emergence and how it animates our evolving world and selves. While evolution is beautiful, however, it is not pretty and life provides us (individually and collectively) with plenty of challenges. In these sessions, Jeff will offer commentary and invite questions from participants.


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