Looking Back: The Best of 2020

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Looking Back: The Best of 2020

As we prepare to close the books on the year 2020, we find ourselves reflecting on one of the most challenging, tumultuous, and transformational years of our lives. What were the lessons for us? Where is the wisdom to be found in all of these wounds?

This was the year when all of the right conditions and contradictions for Integral finally emerged — a cascade of "wicked problems" that can only be fully seen, let alone solved, from an Integral point of view, but whose effects can be felt by virtually everybody.

We've always known that Integral was just a little bit ahead of its time. It emerged decades before the world really needed it — allowing us to lay some theoretical and social groundwork as we prepare for a time when our global problems finally catch up with us.

That time, I believe, has finally come. 

Until now, Integral has been a "nice to have". But these new life conditions have made it absolutely essential — a basic requirement just to survive these opening chapters of the newly-emerging Transformation Age.

And I think our activities and conversations here at Integral Life have evolved a great deal this past year in order to meet these new realities.

Over this last year, we've seen the Integral rubber hitting the road more than ever before, and becoming more relevant than ever. We've begun a series of conversations that go far beyond talking about the model itself — though we still do that too! — and instead focus on applying the model to our present life conditions so that we can better understand them, adapt to them, and thrive amidst them. We've focused on challenging meta-themes such as racial injustice, the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and our ongoing epistemic breakdown — bringing a level of both holism and granularity to these challenges that only becomes possible at Integral stages — while also weaving key practices and perspectives that help us tap into the natural creativity and anti-fragility of the Integral mind.

Which brings us to our most exciting innovation of all — the launch of our new Integral Life Practice platform, which allows you to deepen your own process of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up alongside a real-time community of people who are here for the same reasons you are, all within a safe and sacred container of practice. This in itself has been a much-needed panacea for the uncertainty, anxiety, and isolation that many of us have been immersed in over the last year.

It's been a year of extreme hardship, as well as explosive growth. I have felt this in myself as my own skills, wisdoms, confidence, and creativity continue to ripen in response to all of this disruption— most often a result of facing my own fears and shadows and showing up on camera to host these conversations week by week. I personally don't think I've ever experienced a period of growth as dramatic as I have this year (and I have the intrapersonal stretch marks to show for it!), and I know the same is true for many of you. I have seen this same ripening in you, our audience, as you continue to show up for these live conversations and practice sessions and prove yourselves time and time again to be some of the smartest, kindest, and most awakened people on the planet.

So thank you all for being part of this remarkable journey with us. It has been a tremendously full year for everyone, and we look forward to seeing where we go together in the year to come.

And without any further ado, here are 10 of the best content pieces we've published in 2020. You can also find lots more in our Perspectives archive. Enjoy!

Big Love to you all!
Corey W. deVos
Editor-in-Chief, Integral Life

Corona, Climate, and Crashes: Welcome to the Transformation Age
Robb Smith and Corey deVos

Robb Smith and Corey deVos explore the rising disruption caused by a brand new set of global life conditions emerging across the planet, why only an integral sensibility is capable of managing these many challenges and crises, and how we can begin to cultivate the inner resilience and anti-fragility we need in order to endure and even thrive in the midst of extreme volatility

A Course in Anti-Fragility
Ken Wilber and Corey deVos

Ken and Corey respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by suggesting a far more comprehensive approach to health and healing. Watch as we take a tour through all four quadrants of healthy living — a much-needed guide to integral anti-fragility in the 21st century.


Coronavirus: Making Sense of Our Sense-Making
Beena Sharma, Susanne Cook-Greuter, and Corey deVos

Watch as Beena Sharma, Susanne Cook-Greuter, and Corey deVos offer a must-see presentation to help us understand the many healthy and unhealthy responses we are seeing to the coronavirus pandemic, all the way up and down the spiral of development.


COVID-19 Through the Lens of the Enneagram
Leslie Hershberger and Corey deVos

How are different Enneagram types dealing with these new life conditions that are being imposed upon us all? What are the different coping strategies and pain points and opportunities for transformation? How can the Integral Enneagram help us bring more care, compassion, and connection to our own integral family? Watch this very special episode to find out.


The Four Quadrants: A Guided Tour
Ken Wilber and Corey deVos

Ken and Corey take a in-depth tour through one of Ken’s most well-known contributions to integral philosophy: the Four Quadrants. Watch as Ken shares his personal story about the origins of the Four Quadrant model — the day everything came together — as he weaves 3rd-person theoretical descriptions of the model with his own 1st-person experience and creative process.


Power, Privilege, and Fragility: Leveling Up Our Conversations About Race and Racism
Diane Musho Hamilton, Greg Thomas, Mark Palmer, and Corey deVos

Diane and Corey are joined by guests Greg Thomas and Mark Palmer in this groundbreaking discussion about racism, anti-racism, and racial integration, highlighting a number of critical views that have been largely missing from the larger conversation that’s been taking place culturally in recent weeks, months, and years.


The Fierce Urgency of Now
Mark Fischler and Corey deVos

Watch as Corey and new co-host Mark Fischler kick off a new season of IJW, exploring how the spirit of integral justice moves through us, and how it has moved through some of the most significant justice warriors throughout history.


Integrating Shadow
Ken Wilber and Corey deVos

Ken and Corey offer a stunning overview of the psychological shadow. Ken describes several different kinds of shadow, how shadow can show up differently in all four quadrants, and the relationship between shadow, violence, and social transformation.


Inhabit: Your Creativity
Ryan Oelke and Corey deVos

We live in an infinitely creative universe — and with every passing moment we have the option to actively and consciously participate with that creativity. Watch as Ryan and Corey explore ways to more fully align ourselves with our own deepest source of beauty, inspiration, and creative emergence.


Just Breathe: How to Manage Your Stress and Find Your Flow
Dr. Keith Witt and Corey deVos

Your breath is a direct channel to the flow state. Watch as Dr. Keith and Corey explore this elegantly simple practice, one that can bring you more joy, more fulfillment, and more anti-fragile strategies to manage and master the outrageous pressures of our lives.

Corey deVos

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