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Jogen Salzberg

Adam Jogen Salzberg is an ordained Zen Buddhist teacher with Dharma Transmission in the Soto Zen lineage. He has practiced meditation for 25 years including 15 years of full time residential practice and study at Great Vow Zen Monastery. Four years of that time was spent in intensive silent meditation retreat. To compliment his Zen practice, he has also trained in Voice Dialogue, Process Work, Dzogchen and the ParaTheatre medium of Antero Alli.

Since 2007 Jogen has taught meditation and led retreats in the Zen Community of Oregon, Reed College and Emory University. He has been a meditation mentor and supported the awakening process of hundreds of students face to face and in group settings. Jogen is passionate about merging musical and spiritual practices and conducts a monthly sound meditation offering, Beyond the Sound, weaving soundscapes on turntables and tape decks.


Somatic Alchemy: Developing Emotional Fluidity

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

In this practice, through body and voice we curiously explore both sides of emotional and feeling polarities such as engagement and indifference, kindness and irritation, confidence and insecurity, etc. This is fun and illuminating and develops emotional flexibility by training in fully inhabiting and then letting go of each quality for the other side, alternating between the two. Each practice ...