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Warrior Yoga: For Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit

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Warrior Yoga is a dynamic and vigorous form of Yoga that integrates the power and teachings of the martial way into an inspiring movement meditation. It’s a bit like training the martial way without having to get punched, thrown, or arm-barred. The “Warrior” archetype seeks to highlight how the greatest battles we fight are on the inside, while the “Yoga” ...

“No, I am your Father” – The Light and Dark side of Fatherhood

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The research has made increasingly clear the importance of fathers -- or the masculine role -- in children’s life. But walking the talk of being a good father can look easier than it actually is. Celebrating fathers is a nice gesture by society (and mothers too for that matter). Many however find the terrain to be trickier than the map ...

Integral Men’s Group: Forget New Years Resolutions. Connecting with Purpose in 2022

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Next session: New Year's Resolutions, as we all know by now, are short lived and not substantial. A life of practice that has structure and purpose is the antidote to short-term intention setting. And hammering out a clear sense of direction for oneself is what’s being called on in these meaning-making times we live in. We’ve been exploring the importance ...

Starting the New Year Freed Up: Demon-Dancing with the “Fear of Loss and Separation (Enneagram 9 Practice Group)

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“It’s only when you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything”  - The great mystic Tyler Durden.    If I was an average ennea 9 and I read that description I would not come to this session. Ha! But this is pretty much the core issue for 9s.  Loss is a bittersweet thing. It’s hard to let go of ...