Cancel Auto Renew InspirePay Accounts

Leslie Potter


I am very happy to help. After researching your account, I found you in our older InspirePay billing system, which we have only recently had access to so we could finally completely cancel accounts with auto-renewal set ups through this. Your account was on auto-renew as it was originally set up by you, and that is why, even though we cancelled your account annually and it seemed to be completely cancelled, we could not access this other much older database where the members were automatically migrated over to the new website years ago.

So until now, we could only cancel the year and not the auto-renew (unbeknownst to any of us) the older website you were on was continuing to follow the computer program it was set up on and it kept silently renewing annually in the background each year. Finally, our tech guy got into this and fixed this complication that was caused by an improper migration of these accounts years ago. So you are finally deleted from the older system as of today. Whew! I apologize for any frustration this ongoing annoyance may have caused you. It is wonderful to finally be able to access these accounts and help members!

So, to be clear, I just cancelled your membership, and refunded you for the $99 charge. I have also completely disabled the subscription and membership in your name so no further charges shall be drawn from this older account.

You should receive confirmation by email very soon, if you have not already. I hope you can join us once again someday in the future — in the meantime, feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience with our older system.

All the best!


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