Cancel Due To Cannot Afford Membership Fee

Leslie Potter

I totally understand about the cost being outside your means. Personally, I always try to do whatever I can to help folks in your situation gain access to membership, even if someone cannot manage the full price. We have to set our prices the way we do in order to remain sustainable, but at the end of the day the most important thing is that people like you find the content and the support you are looking for.

So we have a few options.

a) I would be happy to negotiate a discounted price that works for your budget. Just let me know what would work for you. Would a 50% discount off an Annual Membership help? Or would 75% be more helpful? Let me know what works for your budget — and don’t be shy =)

b) Or I could give you a free 3-month account, which will give you access to the site for a few months at no charge.

c) Or, as you say, you could just remain on our email list, and retain access to any free material that we release in the future.

Let me know which path you would like to take, and I will do my best to meet you there.