Cannot Login – Due to Expired Membership

Leslie Potter


I am so sorry you're having trouble with your login and renewing your membership. I'm happy to help you!

I just took a look at your previous account, and the reason for your login for renewal not working is that it appears your membership expired on 8/15/16 and those members who had current memberships were migrated over to the new website.

It is easy to fix this! If you'd like to join again (we'd love to have you) you will simply need to create a new account, again, because we only imported members to our recently new website with active billing profiles. But you can feel free to use your same username and email address when you do create that new account. Simply go to the home page and click on the JOIN button to join again and receive many new features free to members!

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy our fabulous new website!

Loving regards,

Member Support
Integral Life