Cannot login Expired Membership AND Course manual migration

Leslie Potter


I am so sorry you’re having trouble with your login. I’m happy to help you!

I just took a look at your previous account, and the reason for this is that it appears your membership expired on         . It looks like your account was not set up for a recurring membership fee.

It is easy to fix this! If you’d like to re-join (we’d love to have you) you will need to create a new account, since our new website system is designed to only import Premium Membership users to our recently new website with active billing profiles. But you can feel free to use your same username and email address when you do create that new account.

Simply click on the JOIN button on the website to join again and receive many new features free to members! There are 15 free new ILP Modules for members, new practices and teachings from Ken Wilber and alot more!

In answer to your question about courses, nothing in your account is erased, simply migrated to the new system, with the exception of courses you have had within the Integral Life system, that Corey can migrate over to your new membership once it is in place if you like.

Let us know when you have re-joined so Corey can manually move the courses over that are not on the Teachable platform, as those are still accessible through your separate Teachable login. You will know the courses that are attached to Teachable, if any, as you would have had to set up your separate login for that. The rest Corey will migrate manually after we hear back from you that you have updated your membership so there is a place to lodge your courses.

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions.

Loving regards,

Member Support
Integral Life