Charges from OLD IL Website Recurring Inspirepay

Leslie Potter

Dear      ,

I apologize that this is happening again. Everything available to us was done to prevent this from re-ocurring. The issue, though, is that your billing is originating from the old Integral Life website and billing system, becuause when you were apparently “manually” migrated over to the “new” website, the person you were not disconnected from the older website accounting, thus there is I think, a ghosting of the older account that is linked to the InspirePay billing system and charging your credit card each year.

I HAVE refunded your $99 charge back to your card, which is the only thing that I can do – I am sorry I cannot stop the computer from charging you though. I have had the banking system send you a receipt for the refund.

I WISH there was something I could do to stop this, but I cannot get into the older system because it is shut down now (and has been for a couple of years) and is not accessible. I want to be honest with you and let you know that it is highly likely that this will happen again next year, as there is nothing I can do in any back end admin to stop it because I do not have any access to that old website any longer. The only real remedy is to cancel your card and get a new update of the card that the system will no longer have to charge on.

Again, I apologize that I cannot stop the banking system from generating a charge that comes from the directive of an older “dead” and somewhat improperly shut down website. There have been other members who have had this issue too, and it greatly troubles me that there does not seem to be another remedy for this. I apologize for the frustration this has caused you and wish I could do more.

I hope this helps at least with the refund.

Loving regards,


Member Support

Integral Life