Multiplex System – Deactivated Account – Login Issue

Leslie Potter


Your account was deeply imbeded in the older Multiplex membership system, as well as that older billing system. Unless someone brings it to our attention or shuts downt this membership themselves (which is not easy) it continues on. That being said, the Multiplex system is not "integratged with the new website" which is why your email will not be recognized by the new website, nor let you. 

SO the solution to all this — and there is just one — was to deactivate your older Multiplex membership, which we have done. THEN you simply need to go to the current, new website and click on JOIN and sign up like you were a new member — takes less than five minutes — use the user name you like and the email that you like to be recognized by in the future.

Look for an email (even in spam folder) after you sign up, and get your temporary password that you can change if you like. Its the easy and only way to now fix your account and give you immediate access. You may select either the annual fee of $99 or monthly fee of $15. Both are less expensive than your original Multiplex fee of $25. I recommend the $99 annual. I went ahead and refunded your account for your last fee of $25 for you. And no futher charges will be drawn on that billing system, it is all cleaned up now. πŸ™‚

I hope this helps! DO let us know if you need any further assistance — we are here to help you!

Loving regards,

Member Support
Integral Life