Not a member? Cannot login. Has Teachable Login

Leslie Potter


I am so sorry you're having trouble with your login. I'm happy to help you!

Just to be clear, Teachable and Integral Life are two separate entities with two separate logins that are not interchangeable. I only mention this, because sometimes we've had one of our members can get confused with the Teachable login and try to use it to login to their Integral Life account. πŸ™‚

I have researched and looked every place I can for your Integral Life Premium Membership and have not been able to locate a membership that is either current, nor any history of a membership under your current email and your name. So, if you have had an Integral Life Membership, which again, is entirely different than your Teachable Login for your courses, I am happy to search again for you if you know for sure you have had a membership with Integral Life under another email, name, user or such that might have been used that would be different than the email you have here: and your name Alford.

If you don' have any recollection of purchasing an Integral Life Premium Membership, but simply had a "Subscriber" account with Integral Life and used that instead  – that would be the reason you cannot login to Integral Life's current new, website as only Premium Members have been migrated to the new website. Again, the courses through Teachable are a separate entity and you cannot login to Integral Life's website with a Teachable Login user. Just in case this is the issue.

IF you know you have never been a Premium Member of Integral Life or Integral Naked, then the easy cure for everything would be to simply go to, and on our HOME page you will find a JOIN button, and you can sign up for membership there and receive your login credentials so you can easily access everything :).

If this is what you decide to do, please do let us know when you have joined so Corey can manually move the courses over that are not on the Teachable platform, as those are still accessible through your separate Teachable login.

AGAIN if you have not been a Premium Member, joining would enable you to receive many new features free to members, including 15 free new ILP Modules, new Integral practices and fabulous, new teachings from Ken Wilber and alot more!

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions.

Loving regards,

Member Support
Integral Life