Q and A for new website use

Leslie Potter

Let me see if I can answer your questions one at a time.

I don’t know what I have signed up for. I entered my account and found that I have paid $15. for my membership for one month beginning Mar 28. I am not sure what I get for being a member.

You signed up for an Integral Life membership, which gives you full access to everything on the PRACTICE and PERSPECTIVES sections, as well as a 20% discount across all courses on the COURSES page.

I notice that I have signed up for two courses. How do I enter into those courses?

These are free courses that we are offering with your membership. To access the courses, just go to your My Account page, where your courses are listed. Click on one of the courses, and you will see the table of contents. Then you can click on any of the sections to jump right in!

Do I listen to some lectures at any time of my choosing?

Yes, everything on the site is self-directed, so you can listen to lectures, do practices, explore your courses, etc. at your own pace.

Can I enter those courses after Apr 28, since I shall be traveling during April.

You should, yes, assuming that you keep your $15/month membership.

I see presentations and practices. Which do I go to?

You have access to all of them! The only things on the site you don't have access to with your membership fees are the programs listed on the COURSES page, but you do get a 20% discount off those if you are interested.

Can I download some lectures to be listened to at later times?

Yes you can. All of our audio dialogues have download links just above the players (please note you need to be logged in to see them.) We are currently not allowing video downloads, but hope to do so in the future.

In the beginning I didn’t know what a ticket meant. Now, I see that it means online chatting with you, right?

That is correct. Our Support desk uses a ticket system, which allows users to easily submit their questions and keep track of them after they are answered, and allows us to more easily track all inquiries coming from wonderful people like yourself.

There are too many questions to ask to get started online without help, since I am not an expert in computers.

Well I hope that my responses above help! We are trying to design the site to be as simple and intuitive as possible. There are surely some more wrinkles we need to iron out before we get there, so your feedback is helpful.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the site and choose to remain a loyal Integral Life member!