Recruiting: Head of Development & Fundraising

Robb Smith

Dear friends,

I hope you had the opportunity to read our most recent announcements. We’re recruiting for two categories of organizational talent right now: seasoned executive volunteers to help us build the movement, and talented disciplinary experts who want to work on specific Initiatives (more on those soon). Institute roles are mostly volunteer roles for leading particular aspects of broader efforts underway, while Initiative teams focus on the specific objective of a given initiative (and how the initiative funding is deployed is determined by its team and success requirements). 

In the first category, we’re recruiting a new Head of Development & Fundraising for the Institute, who will work directly with me and the broader leadership team to design and oversee a new fundraising strategy that can become a foundation for the future growth of the integrative metatheory movement. While this will start as a volunteer role, it can easily grow into a full-time paid role for the right executive who has the vision and capability to tap into the extraordinary resources available in the global movement. As always, we work with people with a combination of three essential traits:

  1. Altitude of later-stage self meaning-making
  2. Attitude of a post-scarcity, resourceful mind and heart
  3. Aptitude of mastery-level career/domain skills

If you have reached the apex of your development career and are looking for a life-changing way to make a global, legacy impact, please reach out here