Who is Ken Wilber?

“The twenty-first century literally has three choices: Aristotle, Nietzsche, or Ken Wilber.”
– Jack Crittenden Ph.D., Author of Beyond Individualism


About Ken

Ken Wilber, a visionary thinker of inspired genius, is the developer of an integral “theory of everything” that embraces the truths of all the world’s great spiritual, scientific, and philosophical traditions. He is the most widely translated academic writer in America, with 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages. Ken Wilber currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and is still active as a philosopher, author, and teacher, with all of his major publications still in print.

Often referred to as the"Einstein of consciousness studies", Ken Wilber is a preeminent scholar of the Integral stage of human development.

Ken Wilber is also the founder of the Integral Institute, which is the first organization fully dedicated to advancement and application of the Integral Approach in relation to contemporary global issues. It was formed in collaboration with over 200 scholars and experts, specializing in education, politics, business, medicine, psychology, spirituality, as well as, law and criminal justice.

In 2007 Wilber co-founded Integral Life, a social media-hub dedicated to sharing the integral vision with the world wide community, as well as documenting and catalyzing the progress of the integral movement.

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Ken's Integral Theory

Ken is the originator of the world's first truly comprehensive or integrative philosophy, aptly named “Integral Theory”. As Wilber himself puts it: “I'd like to think of it as one of the first believable world philosophies” — something that is becoming increasingly necessary in order to navigate and thrive in today’s world.

Incorporating cultural studies, anthropology, systems theory, developmental psychology, biology, and spirituality, Integral Theory has been applied in fields as diverse as ecology, sustainability, psychotherapy, psychiatry, education, business, medicine, politics, sports, and art.

Wilber explains the need for an Integral Approach in the following way: in our current post-modern world, we possess an abundance of methodologies and practices belonging to a multitude of fields and knowledge traditions. What is utterly lacking however, is a coherent organization, and coordination of all these various practices, as well as their respective data-sets. What is needed is an approach that moves beyond this indiscriminate eclectic-pluralism, to an “Integral Methodological Pluralism” — driving toward a genuine “theory of everything” that helps to enrich and deepen every field through an understanding of exactly how and where each one fits in relation to all the others.

In short, the Integral Approach is the coherent organization, coordination, and harmonization of all of the relevant practices, methodologies, and experiences available to human beings. Through the Integral approach, we reveal the previously unseen possibilities for a better, more compassionate, and more sustainable future for all of us.

What is the Integral Approach?

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“I have one major rule: Everybody is right. More specifically, everybody — including me — has some important pieces of truth, and all of those pieces need to be honored, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace.”

– Ken Wilber

Welcome to The Ken Show

In Zen Buddhism, the word kensho describes a sudden glimpse or insight into the nature of reality. At Integral Life, the “Ken Show” intends to offer you a very similar opportunity.

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Awaken the Eye of Spirit
Cognitive Integrative Metatheory Perspectives Spirituality Spirituality The Ken Show Video

Awaken the Eye of Spirit

All of us possess three primary modes of perception that we use to disclose reality – the "Eye of Flesh", the "Eye of Mind", and the "Eye of Spirit". Watch as Ken and Corey explore these ideas and the many ways we perceive and interpret spiritual realities.
Integrating Shadow
Cognitive Defenses Emotional Integral Basics Integrative Metatheory Intrapersonal Perspectives Psychology The Ken Show Video

Integrating Shadow

Ken and Corey offer a stunning overview of the psychological shadow. Ken describes several different kinds of shadow, how shadow can show up differently in all four quadrants, and the relationship between shadow, violence, and social transformation.
Coronavirus and a Course in Anti-Fragility
Cognitive Health & Wellness Perspectives The Ken Show Video World Affairs Worldviews

Coronavirus and a Course in Anti-Fragility

Ken and Corey respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by suggesting a far more comprehensive approach to health and healing. Watch as we take a tour through all four quadrants of healthy living — a much-needed guide to integral anti-fragility in the 21st century.
The Four Quadrants: A Guided Tour
Cognitive Integrative Metatheory Perspectives The Ken Show Video

The Four Quadrants: A Guided Tour

Ken and Corey take a in-depth tour through one of Ken’s most well-known contributions to integral philosophy: the Four Quadrants. Watch as Ken shares his personal story about the origins of the Four Quadrant model — the day everything came together — as he weaves 3rd-person theoretical descriptions of the model with his own 1st-person experience and creative process.
Big Time: Integral Historiography and You
Cognitive History Integrative Metatheory Perspectives The Ken Show Video

Big Time: Integral Historiography and You

Ken unpacks his own approach to integral historiography, helping us to better understand our own place in history — and history's place in us.
Integral Social Justice
Cognitive Ethical Gender Moral Perspectives Politics The Ken Show Values Video World Affairs Worldviews

Integral Social Justice

In this stunning 3 hour discussion, Ken Wilber offers his own views around healthy and unhealthy forms of social justice, praising the healthy and legitimate efforts to enact social justice over the generations while noting how much of today’s broken discourse around social justice is helping to perpetuate multiple forms of injustice.
Wicked Problems: Gun Violence
Cognitive Ethical Perspectives Politics The Ken Show Values Video World Affairs Worldviews

Wicked Problems: Gun Violence

In this exclusive 8-hour series, Ken and Corey take an in-depth look at America’s ongoing struggle with gun violence, using the four quadrants to track many of the most critical and commonly-blamed factors, conditions, and causes that seem to be contributing to this terribly wicked problem.
Kosmos: An Integral Voyage
Cognitive Existential Futurism Perspectives Science & Technology Space-time Spirituality The Ken Show Video Worldviews

Kosmos: An Integral Voyage

Ken Wilber and Corey deVos ponder the evolutionary mysteries of the universe, speculating on how abundant life might be in the kosmos, why we haven’t met any of our galactic neighbors yet, and what might happen if a UFO landed on the White House lawn. It’s a fun conversation — and one that takes its subject matter more seriously than you might expect. Whether you are a true believer of UFO phenomena or an iron-clad skeptic, you don’t want to miss this fascinating and far-reaching exploration.
The Varieties of Integral Spiritual Experience
Cognitive Existential Integrative Metatheory Intrapersonal Perspectives Spiritual Spirituality The Ken Show Video

The Varieties of Integral Spiritual Experience

Watch as Ken and Corey explore the path of Waking Up — a guided tour through temporary states of consciousness that include everything from emotional states to chemically-induced states to the direct, immediate experience of timeless reality, revealing an infinitely renewable source of energy, resilience, and creative inspiration that rests at the very center of you.

Ken Wilber's Books & Essays

Ken Wilber is the most widely translated academic writer in America, with 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages. You can find a full list here.

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality (1995)

A Theory Of Everything (2000)

No Boundary (1979)

Who Ate Captain Cook? Integral Historiography  in a Postmodern Age
Cognitive Deep Dives eBook Free History Integrative Metatheory Perspectives

Who Ate Captain Cook? Integral Historiography in a Postmodern Age

In this fascinating sidebar to Ken Wilber's book Boomeritis: A Novel That Will Set You Free, Ken offers a summary of integral historiography, revealing a far more comprehensive way to integrate multiple schools of historiography and to deepen our enactment of both the facts and most salient interpretations of the historical record.
Integral Politics: Its Essential Ingredients
Cognitive Deep Dives eBook Ethical Free Perspectives Politics Values Worldviews

Integral Politics: Its Essential Ingredients

Ken Wilber offers a summary of his integral political model, exploring the “major and minor scales” that inform and influence our major political orientations while suggesting a revolutionary path toward a far more integrated approach to politics and governance.
The Deconstruction of the World Trade Center
Cognitive Deep Dives eBook Free Perspectives Politics Values World Affairs Worldviews

The Deconstruction of the World Trade Center

Ken Wilber explores the many sorts of reactions people had to the tragedy of 9/11, and offers a theoretical framework within which a genuinely Integral approach to politics and governance might emerge.
The Many Ways We Touch
Article Deep Dives Integrative Metatheory Perspectives

The Many Ways We Touch

We have the intuition that everyone is at least partially right, that no human being is capable of being 100% wrong. But how do you tell just how right everyone is? Some are more right than others — how do you tell the difference? And how do you handle interfacing with limited or partial perspectives when engaging with people in real time? This eBook, from the upcoming Vol. II of Ken Wilber's "Kosmos Trilogy", will help.
The Four Faces of Truth
Article Deep Dives Free Integral Basics Integrative Metatheory Perspectives

The Four Faces of Truth

In an era when our collective notion of “truth” is being weaponized, balkanized, and smashed to smithereens, it’s important to remind ourselves how we go about discerning truth in the first place. In this introductory chapter from The Eye of Spirit, Ken Wilber explores the four primary methods we use to acquire and verify our knowledge, allowing us to escape our current “post-truth” quagmire by bridging the ever-widening divide between conflicting views, values, and verities.
Integral Semiotics: The Language of Liberation
Article Deep Dives Free Integrative Metatheory Perspectives

Integral Semiotics: The Language of Liberation

How do we derive meaning from the words we use? An integral approach fundamentally changes how we understand the nature of language, communication, and shared meaning. Integral Semiotics offers a comprehensive map or framework of most of the known worldspaces available to humans. Since most of these worldspaces do not possess simple location or material form, they are likely to be denied reality by most realist, empirical, or behavioral schools—where in fact they are home of the vast majority of those things most humans hold valuable. Integral Semiotics is thus a matter, not just of linguistics, but of emancipation.

Full Spectrum Mindfulness

Ken Wilber's flagship teaching, Full Spectrum Mindfulness is a groundbreaking new web course that combines Western approaches to Growing Up with Eastern methods of Waking Up, giving you what you need to dramatically deepen your awareness and skill by awakening the eight major levels of evolution alive in you right now.

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Tribute to Ken Wilber

Watch as we honor Ken’s extraordinary life and legacy, paying tribute to all the incredible work Ken has done over the decades to put so many pieces of our human puzzle together into a radically new vision of life, the universe, and everything. Includes appearances by Alex Grey, Lana Wachowski, Tony Robbins, Kermit the Frog, and many others.

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