Full Spectrum Mindfulness: The Hunger Drive

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This Integral Life Practice module was lovingly produced for Integral Life members.

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Are you ready to wake up right now, so you can show up as the awesome, full-spectrum powerhouse that you really are?

Regular approaches to mindfulness practice are fine, but if you want the take the next step in your mindfulness awareness, try this new Integral Life Practice module. Full Spectrum Mindfulness combines Western approaches to Growing Up with Eastern methods of Waking Up, taught by one of the world’s greatest living philosophers of the mind, Ken Wilber.

Full Spectrum Mindfulness combines deep mindfulness practice with leading-edge discoveries in neuroscience and developmental psychology, giving you what you need to dramatically deepen your awareness and skill by awakening the eight major levels of evolution alive in you right now.

Most other approaches to mindfulness allow you to become more conscious of whatever is happening in the moment, helping you bring more awareness to your thoughts, emotions, and surrounding environment as they arise in your consciousness. There are dozens of truly amazing mindfulness techniques out there that truly excel at this, any one of which can become an important part of your own Integral Life Practice.

However, while these traditional techniques do an excellent job of helping you become more mindful of the surface features of your moment-to-moment experience, they have a much more difficult time getting to the deep features of your consciousness — those aspects of your psyche that cannot easily be seen through contemplation or introspection alone, yet exert an enormous influence upon your perceptions, your reactions, and the way you make sense of the world.

These are the invisible structures through which you filter all of your experiences. Studied, tested, and verified across all known cultures by some of the world’s greatest psychologists, these deep structures give shape to your thoughts, add color to your emotions, and bring coherence to your identity. Addressing them through a Full Spectrum Mindfulness practice can help you transform your unwanted habitual programming concerning subjects like food, sex, power, love, achievement, harmony and unity allowing you to accelerate your development of your full potential.

In this ILP module you will learn:

  • Why mindfulness has become popular in the west.
  • Practicing mindfulness does not require you to be a “spiritual” person.
  • The difference between esoteric and exoteric knowledge.
  • Expanding the value of mindfulness practice to all parts of your life.
  • Reflect on the concept of “waking up” as it is defined by the contemplative spiritual traditions.
  • Reflect on the concept of “growing up” that is emerging from western psychological research into human development.
  • Combining waking up and growing up into a Full Spectrum Mindfulness practice.
  • Developing and deepening your witness practice.
  • Applying witnessing practice to your hunger drive.
  • Shifting the subject of food addictions and allergies to manageable objects.