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Antifragile: Thriving Amidst Uncertainty, Crisis and Change

Virtual Practice Session

Resilience is the ability to handle and bounce back from crisis. But beyond resilience lies antifragility which is the ability to use crisis and change to become stronger and better - to thrive. Rather than trying to survive the crisis, this means allowing the crisis or change to rework us, like soft clay, into something new, improved and more resilient ...

Claim Your Calling

Virtual Practice Session

The Ladder doesn’t go anywhere. The race isn’t real. The things we have are not as important as the grooves we carve. Deep down, we know this. Yet, we do nothing. We’re called to something more in our life, yet we’re anchored to the life we have. Most of us would prefer to have a calling, but we’re unwilling to ...

Triggers and Projections: From Out There to In Here

Virtual Practice Session

Shadow practice is a willingness to understand the three fingers that point back at oneself when the index finger points toward someone or something else that is in some fashion causing a charged emotional trigger. Whether it is a luminous or more opaque version of shadow, let’s do some work to befriend and reclaim the disowned voices in us with ...

Befriending Chaos

Virtual Practice Session

Join Lee Mason to learn how to skilfully manage the existential challenges of navigating a rapidly changing polarized world. Practice Testimonials "Lee is so organized; thorough, succinct, and thoughtful. He helps me ground and be present. When I heard 'so many steps to follow' he immediately buffeted with a split-screen option to refer to in the breakout. I can model ...

Enneagram 5: The Path of Non-Attachment

Virtual Practice Session

How does your core fear of being useless, incapable or incompetent or your core desire to competent show up in your daily experience? What triggers you to cut yourself off from your own feelings and body or to become argumentative with others? When do you allow yourself to reach out to others rather than withdraw? How often are you focused ...

Enneagram 7: The Path of Temperance

Virtual Practice Session

How does your core fear of being deprived or trapped in pain or your core desire to be happy show up in your daily experience? What triggers you to avoid taking responsibility and rationalize your choices and behavior? How often do you allow yourself to feel your own pain or be present to another’s pain rather than chasing what feels ...

Reframe to Freedom

Virtual Practice Session

“Every bad feeling is potential energy toward the right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.” So said Eugene Gendlin, the originator of the Focusing practice. And given the current circumstances: pandemic, racial tensions, political unrest, just to name a few, it’s likely that you’re experiencing some so-called “bad feelings” and wish that things ...

Enneagram 2: The Path of Humility

Virtual Practice Session

How does your core fear of being unworthy of being loved or your core desire to to be loved show up in your daily experience? What triggers you to repress or avoid your own needs and feelings to maintain the self image of being "helpful?” How often do you adapt or change yourself to earn approval? How often are you ...

Finding Your Power, Love, and Light: Morning Flow with Kundalini Yoga

Virtual Practice Session

Join Grant for a hybrid kata that combines movement and stillness to open the heart-mind for increased vitality and compassion. The arc of the practice starts with getting in touch with our deepest inspiration for practice, performing light calisthenics, energization exercises, moving through all 3 bodies (gross, subtle and causal). Once we’re warmed up, we engage a seated practice with ...

Happy, Joyous & Free: Recovery in Practice

Virtual Practice Session

For many of us, the path of awakening began with the act of coming to terms with addiction. And with the onset of COVID-19, some of the usual support structures for those in recovery have become more difficult to access or disappeared altogether. Welcome to a recovery meeting for integralists - regardless of program or spiritual beliefs. This meeting will ...

Creating Conscious Friendships: Integral Women’s Group

Virtual Practice Session

Although our capacity for deeper connections actually increases with self-development, many of us have found that as we progress on our journey of growth that the friendships we once enjoyed no longer nourish us in the same way. Wouldn’t it be nice to develop friendships with women who share your values of waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing ...

Being Seen & Heard

Virtual Practice Session

Ken Wilber once said, “It is lonely at the top”. He meant the higher reaches of the developmental stages where there are fewer and fewer self-identified integral folks. He encouraged us to embrace this evolutionary space with both pride and humility. Let’s face it…the integral community is still small. We aren’t always surrounded by a like-minded and like-hearted integral community ...

Bringing Out the Best in Each Other

Virtual Practice Session

In a world of social distancing, polarization of beliefs and clashing worldviews, connection has felt hard to come by. Yet the only way we are going to heal the rift is to find a way through. Join Lee for a session designed to increase your ability to connect from a place of wisdom and compassion with other people whose worldviews ...

Enneagram 6: The Path of Courage

Virtual Practice Session

How does your core fear of being without support or guidance or your core desire to be secure show up in your daily experience? What triggers you to project positive qualities on others and maintain the image of being “loyal?” How does your tendency to anticipate problems get in your way of being present? How often do you allow yourself ...

Seeing Me, Seeing You: Awareness Through Relating

Virtual Practice Session

Part of growing up is learning how to balance transparent and authentic communication with empathy and understanding our impact on others. It’s also learning how to call back our projections and see the other for who they truly are, and are becoming. Join Lisa for a powerful monthly session where we will dive into how to use your relationships as ...

Tea Time Meditation Spectacular

Virtual Practice Session

Isn't tea an amazing thing? In times of joy, tea reminds us of what's worth celebrating. In times of sorrow, tea can help us see the path to wholeness. Sipping this wonderful plant nourishes the innate part of us that's gentle, flowing, and easy. It's almost impossible to sit peacefully with a cup of hot tea and get stuck thinking ...

Harness the Power of Your Enneatype

Virtual Practice Session

During this session, you will learn to see yourself and others through an amazing range of personality types and discover how important the talents of each type are for leading a full-spectrum life. You will also find out what makes yourself and others tick and discover how to use new strategies to successfully tackle life’s many challenges. Before you attend ...

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