3-Body Workout

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Long Form (With Pointing-Out Instructions)

Long Form (No Instructions)

This series of movements (sometimes called Integral Kata) is a way to contact and exercise your three bodies: physical/gross, subtle, and causal.

The extended version of the 3-Body Workout presented above can be scaled up or down, from a very short 1-minute practice to a session lasting an hour or longer. We’ve included three versions above for your convenience, lasting approximately 1, 10, and 40 minutes. You can also choose to create your own routine by mixing and matching exercises. Just choose the steps you want to include, being sure to incorporate at least one exercise for each of your 3 bodies.

Exercise All 3 of Your Bodies

Physical/Gross Body

Your Physical/Gross Body comprises the material components of your being: muscles, bones, organs, biochemicals, etc.

Physical Body practices include:

  • Strength & Aerobic Training
  • Nutrition Practice & Diet
  • The 3-Body Workout includes Physical Body practices

Subtle Body

Your Subtle Body comprises the energetic elements of your being: breath, prana, life-force, and energy-flow.

Subtle Body practices include:

  • Subtle Breath Practice
  • Tai Chi & Yoga
  • The 3-Body Workout includes Subtle Body practices

Causal Body

Your Causal Body comprises the infinite field of your existence: openness, presence, spaciousness, and feeling to infinity.

Causal Body practices include:

  • Aspects of Meditation
  • Releasing to Infinity
  • The 3-Body Workout includes Causal Body practices

Pointing-Out Instructions

Before we get in touch with our 3 bodies, we anchor in Ever-Present Suchness. You can do so in any way you wish, but as an example we give two basic meditations below. Feel free to use whatever works for you.

Nondual Pointing-Out Instructions

Stand straight with arms down and eyes closed or open. You can begin by using the following Nondual Pointing-Out Instructions:

Silently consider the instructions that follow, noticing the sounds around you and your bodily sensations.

Notice that you are not identical to these sounds and sensations.

All sounds and sensations are objects arising within the awareness that you truly are.

Notice your thoughts, feelings, memories, motivations, and impulses.

Notice that you are not identical to your thoughts, feelings, memories, motivations, or impulses.

All of them arise as objects in the awareness that is you.

You are the one who has always been present.

There was never a time when You were absent.

You have always been You.

So notice You, the witness of this and every moment.

Notice the suchness that you are.

Do not pretend that you are seeking or finding or forgetting the One you truly are.

Be that One always.

I AM Meditation

Read this meditation quietly to yourself, taking the perspectives of both the questioner and the respondent—the voice of your own I AM.

Notice your present awareness. Notice the objects arising in your awareness — the images and thoughts arising in your mind, the feelings and sensations arising in your body, the myriad objects arising around you in the room or environment. All of these are objects arising in your awareness.

Now think about what was in your awareness 5 minutes ago. Most of the thoughts have changed, most of the bodily sensations have changed, and probably most of the environment has changed. But something has not changed. Something in you is the same now as it was 5 minutes ago. What is present now that was present 5 minutes ago?

I AMness. The feeling-awareness of I AMness is still present. I am that ever-present I AMness. That I AMness is present now, it was present a moment ago, it was present a minute ago, it was present 5 minutes ago.

What was present 5 hours ago?

I AMness. That sense of I AMness is an ongoing, self-knowing, self-recognizing, self-validating I AMness. It is present now, it was present 5 hours ago. My thoughts have changed, my bodily sensations have changed, my environment has changed, but I AM is ever-present, radiant, open, empty, clear, spacious, transparent, free. Objects have changed, but not this formless I AMness. This obvious and present I AMness is present now as it was present 5 hours ago.

What was present 5 years ago?

I AMness. So many objects have come and gone, so many feelings have come and gone, so many thoughts have come and gone, so many dramas and terrors and loves and hates have come, and stayed a while, and gone. But one thing has not come, and one thing has not gone. What is that? What is the only thing present in your awareness right now that you can remember was present 5 years ago? This timeless, ever-present feeling of I AMness is present now as it was 5 years ago.

What was present 5 centuries ago?

All that is ever-present is I AMness. Every person feels this same I AMness—because it is not a body, it is not a thought, it is not an object, it is not the environment, it is not anything that can be seen, but rather is the ever-present Seer, the ongoing open and empty Witness of all that is arising, in any person, in any world, in any place, at any time, in all the worlds until the end of time, there is only and always this obvious and immediate I AMness. What else could you possibly know? What else does anybody ever know? There is only and always this radiant, self-knowing, self-feeling, self-transcending I AMness, whether present now, 5 minutes ago, 5 hours ago, 5 centuries ago.

5 millennia ago?

Before Abraham was, I AM. Before the universe was, I AM. This is my Original Face, the face I had before my parents were born, the face I had before the universe was born, the Face I had for all eternity until I decided to play this round of hide and seek, and get lost in the objects of my own creation.

I will NEVER again pretend that I do not know or feel my own I AMness.

And with that, the game is undone. A million thoughts have come and gone, a million feelings have come and gone, a million objects have come and gone. But one thing has not come, and one thing has not gone: the great Unborn and the great Undying, which never enters or leaves the stream of time, a pure Presence above time, floating in eternity. I am this great, obvious, self-knowing, self-validating, self-liberating I AMness.

Before Abraham was, I AM.

I AM is none other than Spirit in 1st-person, the ultimate, the sublime, the radiant all-creating Self of the entire Kosmos, present in me and you and him and her and them — as the I AMness that each and every one of us feels.

Because in all the known universes, the overall number of I AMs is but one. Rest as I AMness always, the exact I AMness you feel right now, just as it is, which is Unborn Spirit itself shining in and as you. Assume your personal identity as well—as this or that object, or this or that self, or this and that thing—resting always in the Ground of it All, as this great and completely obvious I AMness, and get up and go on about your day, in the universe I AM created.