The Four Energies: Turn Your Energy Into Things That Matter

Ginny Whitelaw helps you experience the four energy patterns that show up in the human nervous system. All of us possess these four patterns, and though most of us have our favorites, all four are available to us at all times. Each is good at different things, and here you will learn what each one is good for, which ones you might use or overuse, and how you can tap into any of them at the right time in order to lead with your fullest and most authentic purpose.


Real Yoga: Liberate Your Posture

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Most yoga programs promise to bring you more strength, more endurance, and more flexibility. Real Yoga does too, but goes several steps further, helping you cultivate these very same qualities on the inside as much as the outside. Not just in your body, but also in your heart, mind, and spirit. Sofia Diaz leads an exquisite 1-hour yoga practice, excerpted from her full Real Yoga web course.


Body Mind Moment Training

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Body Mind Moment Strength Training is designed to help you integrate your workouts into your daily life with the intention of you gaining confidence in your abilities to feel fully alive and to meet the challenges the world presents. Rob’s approach (demonstrated here with his student Maria Bailey) goes way beyond normal strength training goals of developing more muscle or sculpting your body to fit into your skinny jeans, but rather is intended to guide your bodily awareness into what it means to live more completely.