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This Integral Life Practice module was lovingly produced for Integral Life members.

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“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”Mahatma Gandhi

Body Mind Moment Strength Training is designed to help you integrate your workouts into your daily life with the intention of you gaining confidence in your abilities to feel fully alive and to meet the challenges the world presents. Rob’s approach (demonstrated here with his student Maria Bailey) goes way beyond normal strength training goals of developing more muscle or sculpting your body to fit into your skinny jeans, but rather is intended to guide your bodily awareness into what it means to live more completely.

The first move is to re-define what you consider fitness. Initial goals of losing weight or developing more strength are fine but a full spectrum approach includes getting you ready as an individual to meet the demands of the totality of your life. It also supports you bringing your best presence into your engagements with others.

The second move is to re-define what you consider strength. In addition to increasing your muscular strength and flexibility, Body Mind Moment training also boosts your ability to feel alive and vulnerable in your relationships with your spouse, children, co-workers, friends and parents. It addresses what part your body plays in fully showing up in your interactions with the world?

The third move is to increase your attention to practice. What keeps your attention open when the demands of the world come crashing in? What keeps you moving forward rather than settling for your old habitual responses?

In this module you will learn:

  • Pull Down Stretches that help develop an open heart as you strengthen your back muscles.
  • Bench Exercise that opens the channels for your heart energy to flow out into the world while you strengthen your upper body.
  • Dumbbell Squats the build your lower body capability to move you around the world.
  • Core Floor Exercise that develops your ability to strengthen your torso as you close the gap between your sternum and pubic bone.
  • Reflections on commitment, engagement, embodiment and breaking habits of always reaching for more instead of breathing into your present moment.