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Rob McNamara

Rob McNamara

Rob McNamara is author of The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken. He is a leadership coach and human performance expert serving clients world wide. McNamara is the co-founder of DELTA Developmental, he is a partner at Ten Directions and is an Integral Zen Dharma Holder. McNamara’s coaching specializes in helping leaders resolve their persistent painful limitations to become more powerful, proficient and aligned with what matters most in life.

Rob's coaching helps executives, entrepreneurs and other leaders refine leadership and management skills to achieve excellence and elegance in their personal and professional goals and aspirations. Rob also specializes in bringing developmental tools to athletes ranging from collegiate, Olympic and professional world champions.

McNamara was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University. Through the Graduate School of Education and Harvard's Extension School, Rob taught Adult Development in Professor Robert Kegan's course on Adult Development. Rob began his academic teaching career providing graduate and undergraduate lectures and courses on integral psychology, developmental psychology and human development in 2001. He spent a decade as a professor of human development, developmental psychology and transpersonal psychology in Boulder Colorado. Rob is known by his students for his heartfelt passion for teaching, his conceptual clarity and his playful, yet creative engagement of his student's bodies, minds and hearts.

Rob is currently a faculty member and coach for the Integral Facilitator program with Ten Directions. He has contributed to the Integral movement for nearly fifteen years as a leading integral practitioner. While working with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute he was a founding faculty member for the Integral Life Practice seminar series. Rob has contributed to Integral Life, taught at Boulder Integral, served as a faculty member of the Integral Spiritual Experience for three years and was a faculty member of The Integral Center. Rob’s expertise includes the intersection of integral practice, adult development, leadership, human performance and integral strength training.

Contributions in the business sector include the Stagen Leadership Institute where Rob developed and deployed integrally informed executive curriculum for senior executives and launched corporate wellness initiatives. Rob also served as the Senior Integral Consultant and Human Performance Specialist for Phillips Performance Nutrition.

Rob McNamara received his Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Susquehanna University.


Body Mind Moment Training

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Body Mind Moment Strength Training is designed to help you integrate your workouts into your daily life with the intention of you gaining confidence in your abilities to feel fully alive and to meet the challenges the world presents. Rob’s approach (demonstrated here with his student Maria Bailey) goes way beyond normal strength training goals of developing more muscle or sculpting your body to fit into your skinny jeans, but rather is intended to guide your bodily awareness into what it means to live more completely.


Strength to Awaken


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This discussion of strength training goes way beyond the conventionally-stated benefits of slimmer waist lines, well-toned arms, or being able to bench press your own body weight. Your physical health and vitality are absolutely fundamental for a happy and well-lived life—your body truly is a temple, and you want your temple to be as strong and solid as possible. But a more contemplative approach to strength training (such as the one developed by Rob) not only helps you rebuild your temple from the ground up, but can also have as much of an impact upon the interiors of your temple as it does upon the exteriors.