The Four Energies: Turn Your Energy Into Things That Matter

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“I’m a physicist by training, and I worked for many years in looking at how energy turns into matter in high energy physics. And then I studied energy and the human nervous system, and then I studied martial arts. And from all three angles it becomes incredibly clear that you and I are swimming in a pool of energy. And I’ve actually come to think of leadership as a job of turning energy into matter — the energy of ideas, of imagination, of purpose, of vision, into things that matter in people’s lives.”Ginny Whitelaw

Watch as Ginny Whitelaw helps you experience the four energy patterns that show up in the human nervous system. All of us possess these four patterns, and though most of us have our favorites, all four are available to us at all times. Each is good at different things, and here you will learn what each one is good for, which ones you might use or overuse, and how you can tap into any of them at the right time in order to lead with your fullest and most authentic purpose.

This practice is excerpted from Ginny’s astonishing new online embodiment training, Lead With Purpose, produced specially for the Integral Life community to help you learn:

  • How you can thrive in disruptive times by developing your personal power to reframe challenges into opportunities.
  • The difference between the two states of tension and extension. You will feel the difference as you move from constricting to extending your energy towards the purpose you have chosen
  • The shift from control to connection. Which of the energy patterns are better for visceral listening in any moment?
  • How to flip your relationship to time, so you can bring your future purpose to you in the present, rather than trying to will your present into the future.
  • How you can thrive in disruptive times by developing your personal power to reframe challenges into opportunities.

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