The Embodied Success Shift: A Simple Meditation to Cut Through the Hustle and Cure Your Burnout

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The answer to hustling and burnout is not endlessly optimizing your life.

You don’t have to sacrifice your joy for the work you love.

Come home to yourself and the wisdom of your body.

Slow down, honor your experience, see and sense more about what’s happening in your life and business, and respond with confidence, resolve, and trust.

This 7-minute meditation is very easy to follow, and empowers you to quickly experience the shift from living outside of yourself to resting in the fullness and foundation of your body. Feel the difference between living on the surface of yourself and what’s it’s like to return within your body, to the center of your life.

As you listen to this conversation, you can use the Notes app in the bottom-left corner of your screen to record any reflections that may come up for you.

Radically change how you experience life and your work in the world.

A path of Embodied Success empowers to you shift hustling and burnout at the very roots of your being, leading to experiences that include:

  • Feel at home in yourself no matter what is happening your business
  • Live your values and deepest meaning in your business as powerfully as you do in your personal life
  • Fluidly sense when to take a step back and when to leap into action
  • Trust yourself and the wisdom of your body to guide your actions
  • Overcome decision paralysis and anxious wheel-spinning
  • Confidence that not only can you be present in your life no matter what’s happening

Embodied Success is an innovative new coaching program by our very good friend Ryan Oelke, designed to help you — evolutionaries, change makers, and co-creators — to discover your own radically full and unshakeable success.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a person who would like to bring more passion and purpose to your work, or simply someone who wants to increase your embodied wisdom in your daily life — if you want to feel deep wholeness, joy, and confidence in your own embodied success, this program is for you.

The Embodied Success coaching program integrates Ryan’s 20 years of experience, practice, and study of multiple fields: embodiment, business, marketing, meditation, psychology, somatic work, and philosophy.

This training integrates all four essential paths of personal development — growing up, waking up, cleaning up, and showing up. The inner lessons are designed to help you with the first three, while the outer lessons help you leverage all of this inner work through innovative management and marketing strategies that will allow you to show up more fully in your life and in your work, fully aligned with your deepest passion, purpose, and embodied wisdom.

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