Finding Your Inner Home

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Heart is where the home is.

This practice will help you discern where you are coming from within yourself in each moment — your egoic self, or your deeper essential Self — and enable you to live and relate from a place of presence and centered-ness, so that you can respond rather than react to your child.

This is a practice you can do anywhere and any time. It comes from Miriam’s course, Parenting as a Spiritual Practice, and can be applied to all relationships and circumstances. By making this a regular practice, you will discover an unshakeable ease and joy in relating with your self and others, day in and day out!

Love is a choice. Love is an art. Loving takes practice.

Approaching parenting as a spiritual practice invites us to:

  • practice the Art of Love,
  • choose love over fear,
  • choose consciousness over habit,
  • discover and engage the freedom to choose our response and our attitude to any given circumstance, even as there are so many variables we cannot control.

Our practice of and commitment to centered, self-aware, and non-reactive interactions with others, with our children and those entrusted to us is one of the most potent and transformative gestures we can make toward building trusting and healthy relationships.

Discovering that Love is a Choice is one of the keys to unshakeable ease, courage, stamina, and joy amidst the many ups and downs of parenting. To be free is to come from a place of responsiveness, not reactivity.

If you find yourself in a situation with your child that triggers you and brings up a reaction, if possible, press the “pause button”, and take the time to find your “inner home” first, before responding. Finding your inner home, dropping into your essential, expanded Self can happen in many ways. Explore what works for you. Some suggestions: Breath deeply. Ask yourself: “What would Love do?” Take a walk in nature. Shift your energy by dancing. Remember that your “inner sanctuary” never goes away, it is always already there for you to touch in with.

Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

If you’d like to deepen your exploration of Parenting as a Spiritual Practice, we invite you to join Miriam in an 8-week transformative online course. This incredible web course begins on October 23, and runs until December 18.

Parenting is perhaps the most important and immediate application of integral thought and practice imaginable. As parents, we see it all — the fullest spectrum of growth, awakening, pressures, and potentials. All of it shows up within our children, and all of it has a direct influence on how we relate to them as parents. We are literally shaping the faces of tomorrow, and it really helps to find some genuine wisdom to ground and guide us.

Miriam’s insight, guidance, and embodiment of integral principles is a true gift, and this course offers powerful perspectives and practices to discover the unshakable bedrock of love, presence, and consciousness at the core of our being. We truly hope you can join Miriam in what promises to be a profoundly transformative experience, for both you and your little ones.

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