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Discover your core patterns of being and relating.

People are unique individuals, each with their own unique way of creating and expressing meaning in their lives. But behind those diverse approaches to the vast complexity of life exists some common, fundamental patterns–patterns that help organize our experiences, our ways of being, and our actions in the world.

What if you had a deeper insight into these core patterns?

Imagine how much more self-awareness you would achieve, knowing how to recognize and outwit your own unconscious habits at such a fundamental level.

Imagine how much more skillful you would be as a communicator, helping to bridge what seem to be ever-widening gaps between us.

Conflict arises when we argue against other people’s realities. We fail to see the world through each other’s eyes. We allow our own hidden biases and blind spots to come to the forefront and provoke unhealthy and unhelpful reactions. We find ourselves talking past the other, unable to find a shared reality between us—or assuming one exists when it doesn’t.

This practice will help with all of that.

The Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram allows you to discover the nine fundamental personality types, each with its own signature challenges, coping strategies, and obstacles that prevent you from experiencing your deepest and most authentic self.

By discovering your own core patterns of being and relating (and learning to recognize these same patterns in the ones closest to you), you will take a crucial step towards experiencing more compassion, more skillful communication, and more understanding of yourself and others.

Discover Your Type is taught and facilitated by world-renowned Enneagram expert Helen Palmer. Helen employs an extraordinary teaching method that promotes clarity and wellbeing, and offers practices for each personality type through a deepening understanding of your inner observer.

In this module you will discover:

  • The latest developments in the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram
  • Why developing an inner knowing is key to focusing your attention on overcoming obstacles to your true nature
  • How a general knowledge of each types life strategies and development path will improve communication with those you care about or collaborate with
  • How to relax your habitual patterns that cause you and those around you to suffer
  • Characteristics and challenges of the “Head” Types — Type 5, Type 6, and Type 7
  • Characteristics and challenges of the “Heart” Types — Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4
  • Characteristics and challenges of the “Body” Types — Type 8, Type 9, and Type 1

With a history dating back centuries, the Enneagram is arguably the oldest human development type system on the planet. During the past decade, the system has undergone a renewal of scholarly attention within the context of current personality typologies. The result is a reliable integration of psychological insight about human differences, set alongside a non-sectarian body of spiritual practice that relaxes inner resistance while encouraging inner receptivity.

The word enneagram means a graph of nine. Each of the nine Enneagram personality profiles has distinct, well-developed coping strategies for relating to self, others and the environment. In addition, each of the nine types has its own precise path to psychological and spiritual freedom, the key being compassionate and guided self-observation.

Ultimately, the Enneagram is an “inside job” of determining your type and coming to know and understand your own focus of attention, core beliefs, coping strategies and path of development. The primary value of the Enneagram does not come from identifying your type based on external behaviors, but from a deeper understanding of how behavioral patterns relate to your focus of attention, motivation and personal habitual experience.

About the Author
Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer is the co-founder of the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) along with David Daniels, MD. A teacher of psychology and intuition, Helen has been committed to bridging personal and spiritual realities for 30 years. Helen has authored five highly acclaimed books in the field of human consciousness. The Enneagram and The Enneagram in Love and Work are perennial international bestsellers, now in 26 languages. Helen was featured in the PBS documentary, Breaking Out of the Box: Discovering the Enneagram. She has co-taught the Enneagram Professional Training Program with David Daniels since 1988. For her distance learning programs, visit Helen has made many original contributions toward understanding how meditation and awareness training relate to the nine psychological types. She has developed and teaches an in-depth psychological-spiritual curriculum for type and spiritual freedom. She presents classes around the world that focus on key topics of psychological and spiritual integration. Some of the themes include type and false identity, projection, presence and self-forgetting, virtues of the heart, intuition and retrieving the Holy Ideas.


Patterns of Being

Recorded during one of Helen’s Palmer’s rare live teachings in Boulder this past spring, this 9-hour workshop helps to awaken the ancient wisdom of the Narrative Enneagram in your own life while enriching it with the unique insights and perspectives revealed by the Integral approach. By listening to representatives of each Enneagram type share their personal stories and reveal their particular inner worlds and realities, you can discover how to recognize personality differences from direct experience, rather than simply learning about the Enneagram from a particular authority.

Patterns of Relating

In this followup course, Helen Palmer leads you through an exploration of your own Enneagram type and the various patterns and tendencies that come with it — deeply ingrained patterns that you may or may not actually be aware of at any given moment. Through these powerful teachings, demonstrations, and conversations you will be able to identify your own particular pattern, and more importantly, learn how your pattern interfaces and interacts with other patterns in your life, helping you to better navigate the many obstacles and opportunities for growth that inevitably emerge in all of your relationships.