Patterns of Relating

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In Patterns of Relating, acclaimed author Helen Palmer and senior teacher Terry Saracino lead you through an exploration of your own Enneagram type and the various patterns and tendencies that come with it—deeply ingrained patterns that you may or may not actually be aware of at any given moment. Through these powerful teachings, demonstrations, and conversations you will be able to identify your own particular pattern, and more importantly, learn how your pattern interfaces and interacts with other patterns in your life, helping you to better navigate the many obstacles and opportunities for growth that inevitably emerge in all of your relationships.

Grounded in real-life stories and personal narratives, this program reveals many of the most central dynamics operating beneath the surface of our relationships, shedding some much-needed light on the mysterious alchemy of “we”. You will learn through the personal stories of the participants how these patterns show up in real life interactions, and how studying the Narrative Method of the Enneagram can help you develop healthy responses to the even the toughest relational situations in your life. It helps you and your loved ones to simply see more of each other, to bring more of yourself to your relationships, and to ultimately close the imaginary gaps that keep you separate from those around you.

If you wish to…

  • Better understand your own unconscious patterns, tendencies, and predispositions
  • Improve your intimacy, chemistry, and connection with your lover
  • Be more present and more available to your family
  • Improve your relationships with co-workers
  • Better recognize, understand, and work with the unique dynamics of your relationships
  • Understand why people in your life react to situations differently than you do
  • Find better ways to manage conflict
  • Make more conscious, more compassionate, and more enriching choices
  • Discover deep insight into how each of us adapts differently to the peaks and valleys of the human condition

…then you will want to add this extraordinary collection to your personal growth library!

The Patterns of Relating collection includes more than 7 hours of material:

  • Two exclusive teachings by Helen Palmer: Relationships Through the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram and Falling in Love
  • Panel discussions exploring the three energetic “centers” of the Enneagram model: the Body Center (Types 8, 9, 1), the Heart Center (Types 2, 3, 4), and the Head Center (Types 5, 6, 7)
  • Conversations between 13 different Enneagram pairings, demonstrating how our Enneagram type interfaces and interacts with other types, facilitated by Helen Palmer
  • 13 in-depth interviews exploring the patterns and tendencies of each type, conducted by Terry Saracino
  • A workbook that offers a comprehensive overview of the nine Enneagram types, including virtues, traps, advice for spiritual practice, and suggestions for how to better relate to each type

About the Narrative Tradition

Helen is one of the world’s leading teachers and bestselling authors of the Narrative Enneagram tradition—an extraordinary teaching method that offers a unique and personally transformative experience of the Enneagram in relationships. By listening to representatives of each Enneagram type share their personal stories and reveal their particular inner worlds and realities, you can discover how to recognize personality differences from direct experience, rather than simply learning about the Enneagram from a particular “authority.”

The Narrative Tradition offers an open exploration of each personality type in relationship. In Helen’s view, there is no better way to explore, learn and teach than through this interactive method of panel interviews and individual stories. Through a sophisticated inquiry method, the Narrative Tradition demonstrates the types, their struggles, dilemmas, strengths, and separate paths of development in relationship with each other.

Helen has devoted her life to bringing the spiritual depth of the narrative tradition of the Enneagram to the rest of the world. Here is your opportunity to enjoy the powerful wisdom and unique transmission of her teachings on relationships from the comfort of your own home.

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