Loving Completely

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This Integral Life Practice module was lovingly produced for Integral Life members.

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Do you feel as fulfilled by your present relationship as you’d like? Do you wish to be a better lover, a better friend, and a better partner for your significant other?

The Loving Completely Integral Life Practice module featuring Dr. Keith Witt is designed to help you and your partner improve your connection on every level: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. By learning and practicing the Five Stars of Healthy Relationships you will find yourself able to love more passionately, to relate more authentically, and to bring more care, compassion, and consciousness into your relationship. This is your personal guide through the wilderness of the heart, helping you to reignite the spark of passion and sexual polarity back to your love life and take your current relationship to a new level of love, respect, and intimacy… even if you don’t currently know exactly how to get there.

Crafted by Keith from four decades as a licensed psychologist helping people heal their relationships and navigate their hearts, he draws upon his extensive background in Integral psychology, developmental neurobiology, manifestation systems, attachment research, David Deida’s teachings about the masculine and feminine, and ascending and descending spiritual practices — all of which infuse and inform this extraordinary program.

Relationships are the stuff of life. As we scoured the web for the very best relationship offerings, we noticed something interesting: the vast majority of them only focus on one, or maybe two dynamics of the relationship, while other crucial aspects were left out completely. In other words, all of the offerings we found were painfully partial. People are being given broken tools to fix broken relationships.

This is what makes Loving Completely truly stand apart: it addresses the whole relationship, by acknowledging and working with the intrinsic wholeness of human beings.

In this ILP Module, Keith will help you with following aspects of choosing and maintaining healthy relationships:

  • Recognizing everything is relationships. Everything you experience in this life is in relation to your parents, significant others, children, friends, teachers and work colleagues.
  • Discover how you choose someone that is right for you.
  • The secrets to maintaining and enhancing an existing relationship.
  • The five questions you should ask of yourself and others that you are in relationship with.
  • Reflecting on how you have chosen in the past. How did it end? Was there anything either of you could have done to remain in relationship with each other.
  • What are your constrictions to working on your relationships?
  • Reflect with your partner on the five questions.
  • How to manage your attraction to someone outside your primary relationship.

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