Zero to Awake

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oin a multi-dimensional guided meditation and pointing-out instruction tour led by Integral Practice Leader Jogen Salzberg, Sensei through awareness in its various extra-ordinary modes.

This self-directed practice begins by optimizing the physical posture, orienting the ordinary mind to the cosmic scope of its embededness and then priming the mind for the arising of supportive attitudes for the session.

Having set the stage, the tour encompasses the 3 Faces of Spirit through the practice of sparking Wonder, resting into Calm-Abiding, recognizing Spaciousness, orienting to Timelessness, affirming Selflessness and finally being the Clear Light Nature of Mind itself. This is one iteration of the monthly Zero to Awake ILP group practice led by Jogen.

Jogen offers monthly live Zero to Awake practice sessions on our Integral Life Practice platform, as well as a number of other guided practices. You can find Jogen’s upcoming live practice sessions here:

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Somatic Alchemy: Developing Emotional Fluidity

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In this practice, through body and voice we curiously explore both sides of emotional and feeling polarities such as engagement and indifference, kindness and irritation, confidence and insecurity, etc. This is fun and illuminating and develops emotional flexibility by training in fully inhabiting and then letting go of each quality for the other side, alternating between the two. Each practice ...

Zero To Awake: The Subtle Body

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

We will use qualities of the three primary modes of consciousness as articulated by Ken Wilber as experiential doorways into the liberating dimensions of Waking-Up. Zero to Awake is a gradual practice sequence designed as an inclusive activation and appreciation of our spiritual nature. New and seasoned practitioners will find nourishment in this pointing- out instruction style guided meditation. Meet ...

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