Lee Mason

Lee Mason

As a Physical Therapy graduate of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), Lee has facilitated thousands of treatment sessions with patients in various sectors of the Dutch healthcare industry. As a teacher, he has facilitated courses and workshops for students of universities in Amsterdam (UvA), Utrecht (UU) and Eindhoven (TU). He has also created two online courses about the practical application of Integral Theory for the online education platform Ubiquity University. As a coach, he has provided coaching for clients employed by Accenture, Amsterdam University (VU) and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science (OCW). Throughout his career, Lee has helped people to develop healthy exercise, nutrition, hydration and sleep habits and also effectively transform unproductive thoughts, unpleasant emotions and limiting beliefs. Lee’s book (in Dutch), presents an Integrally-informed method which readers can use to achieve important life goals.

Website: http://www.practicalintegral.com

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Embody Your Ancestry

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The goal of this practice is to invite you to consciously embody both your unique individual ancestry and the ancestry that you share with all life. Doing this exercise can help you to feel more at home in reality and more deeply appreciate your interconnectedness with all life.