What Is Your Native Perspective?

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A big part of having better relationships is clear and meaningful communication. If you’re interested in improving how you communicate and listen to others, this exercise can provide you with a fresh perspective on the way you communicate and how it shapes your instinctual way of being, seeing, and doing in the world.

This practice offers a powerful diagnostic tool that integrates two different components of the Integral modelquadrants and typologies — which will help you learn the four primary ways of relating to the world (experience, action, relationships, and systems) and identify which of these four fundamental perspectives is more or less “native” to you.

We think you will find this exercise to be a unique and entertaining way to utilize the four quadrants in discerning your most natural ways of being. By simply understanding your own Native Perspective and communicating with that knowledge in mind, you will be able to better see and hear those around you, and will likely feel much more seen and heard yourself. And who doesn’t want that?

This technique was developed by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine of Integral Coaching Canada, and was adapted for this exercise by Huy Lam and Robb Smith. Narrated by David Riordan.