Customize Your Mindfulness for Resilience and Impact


Mindfulness can feel like swimming upstream against your own mind. Yet the benefits are clear: enhanced attention, empathy, and resilience, and reduced anxiety, stress, and even insomnia. Unfortunately, too many people don’t find a practice that works for them and their daily lives. This series comes in five parts: an introduction and four follow-on sessions, each with a sample mindfulness practice based on the four primary ways of relating to the world.


Why Meetings Suck (And How You Can Make Them More Fun, Efficient, and Engaging)

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Join us in this role-playing exercise as four colleagues undergo the first 2 minutes of a business meeting where they discuss a new project. Watch how each participant brings a dramatically different Native Perspective — or “orienting quadrant” — to the table, then get inside their heads to see how they interpret the meeting. Can you spot your own Native Perspective?


Integral Coaching: A Closer Look

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In this intimate conversation between Ken Wilber, Laura Divine, and Joanne Hunt, you will be exposed to some of the in-depth nuances of Integral Coaching Canada’s work. You will gain more intimate access to the Integral lenses that are illuminated, as well as how ICC’s coaches uniquely use them, through embodied “Looking At” and subtle “Looking As” capacities.