Joanne Hunt

Joanne Hunt

Working for fifteen years in senior leadership positions in three multi-national corporations, it was Joanne's exceptional ability to get to the 'heart of the matter' that enabled her to powerfully influence and lead change initiatives that ranged in scale from small groups to large-scale corporate programs. Not only able to envision and create, Joanne also has a unique capacity to cultivate deep commitment across diverse groups with 'competing' values and perspectives such that phenomenal results are attained. Coaching skills were always a part of her skill set as a corporate leader and Joanne produced significant results in improving business & individual effectiveness, leadership & change management implementation, strategic planning, and organizational restructuring while also nurturing the development of her teams.

Joanne holds a Masters Degree in Management Studies specializing in research and human resource development. Over the last two decades she has studied extensively with a variety of training institutes in fields such as coaching, systemic change, leadership development, and adult human development. Joanne has been working in the coaching profession for almost ten years and within this discipline has achieved the highest designation of Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) while developing and co-founding the School of Integral Coaching® with her partner, Laura. She completed the Integral Institute's inaugural offering of Integral Life Practice in 2004, attended the Integral Leadership Seminar in 2006 and is a long-time student of Integral Theory. Joanne is the Vice President of Integral Coaching and Development for Integral Life.

Joanne's work also includes being a 'Researcher & Writer' for Integral Coaching Canada Inc. This role enables Joanne to pursue two passions that fuel her coaching work: R & D (especially on all things AQAL) and writing (articles, songs, poetry, Integral Coaching® material). These domains continue to support Integral Coaching Canada's new curriculum designs, resource development and methodological advances which bring clarity and ongoing design innovation to the delivery and leading edge nature of the Integral Coaching® training programs.

Joanne is a lead instructor for Integral Coaching Canada's advanced programs and students describe her as an expert coach, a playful human being and a passionate, skilled teacher. Rooted in her own commitment to living with personal integrity and authenticity, Joanne brings this dedication to how she teaches, how she guides faculty and how she coaches clients. Joanne is known for her clear, direct and skillful attention to what people truly need as they build the competencies necessary to more fully manifest their lives.

Deeply exploring various modalities for approaching change, Joanne also works with professional coaches to further enable the integration of their development through writing and meditative practice. Approaching writing from an AQAL perspective continues to support her development and the growth of those who work with her; she has a balanced set of Integral Life Practices that have supported her for many years. Last of all, Joanne has a unique and piercing way of bringing Integral Theory and practice to what's real, what's necessary and what's relevant in the practical and messy day-to-day-ness of the fully-lived life of a coach or client.

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Transcending and Including Our Current Way of Being: An Introduction to Integral Coaching

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This article provides an introduction to the Integral Coaching® method developed by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada, Inc. A brief introduction to the field of coaching is offered using the four quadrants to appreciate the underlying assumptions of how change occurs and how schools of coaching have approached the rapidly growing field of adult development. Further delineation of Integral Coaching Canada’s use of subject-object theory and a “transcend and include” developmental model is provided and resides at the root of this school’s AQAL approach to change.


Why Meetings Suck (And How You Can Make Them More Fun, Efficient, and Engaging)

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Join us in this role-playing exercise as four colleagues undergo the first 2 minutes of a business meeting where they discuss a new project. Watch how each participant brings a dramatically different Native Perspective — or “orienting quadrant” — to the table, then get inside their heads to see how they interpret the meeting. Can you spot your own Native Perspective?


Integral Coaching: A Closer Look

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In this intimate conversation between Ken Wilber, Laura Divine, and Joanne Hunt, you will be exposed to some of the in-depth nuances of Integral Coaching Canada’s work. You will gain more intimate access to the Integral lenses that are illuminated, as well as how ICC’s coaches uniquely use them, through embodied “Looking At” and subtle “Looking As” capacities.