Customize Your Mindfulness for Resilience and Impact

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Have you ever tried a mindfulness practice, but found you couldn’t stick with it? Maybe you used an app or took a course, but don’t know where to take it next. Perhaps you’ve been meditating for a while, but feel you’ve plateaued, or your practice isn’t addressing real life challenges.

Mindfulness can feel like swimming upstream against your own mind. Yet the benefits are clear: enhanced attention, empathy, and resilience, and reduced anxiety, stress, and even insomnia. Unfortunately, too many people don’t find a practice that works for them and their daily lives.

If you’re new to meditation, this series will give you practical tools to navigate the early learning curve. You’ll learn to develop a mindfulness practice that is custom-designed for your style, schedule, and challenges. Like any other positive life habit, such as physical exercise or healthy eating, you have to adapt things to work for you. Mindfulness is just the same. There is no “one size fits all”.

If you already have a meditation practice, this series will expand your horizon, helping you find and work your personal edge, taking mindfulness off the cushion into the nooks and crannies of your daily life.

The payoff to a customized, agile mindfulness practice is that you can enjoy it more, sustain it longer, and reap the personal resilience and profound impacts that are possible from deep practice.

This series comes in five parts: an introduction and four follow-on sessions, each with a sample mindfulness practice based on the four primary ways of relating to the world. These are called your native perspectives. Your native perspectives is a powerful diagnostic tool that integrates two components of the integral model: quadrants and types.

The four primary ways of relating to the world are: experience, action, relationships, and systems. While these perspectives are always available, one or two will be most native to you: your go-to way of being and doing in the world. The four sessions that follow offer you a customized mindfulness practice that is natural and appealing for each of those perspectives.

These customized practices are drawn from the unified mindfulness framework of Shinzen Young, as well as Meg’s book, Mind Your Life: How Mindfulness Can Build Resilience and Reveal Your Extraordinary, a guide to creating a customized, sustainable mindfulness practice, based on this approach. Meg will refer to the book from time to time. You can purchase it as an additional resource if you’d like.

It’s that simple. Pick one or more native perspectives to work with, try out the guided meditation on that session. See which ones work for you, adapt, and make it your own.


  1. Corey deVos

    Hey everyone, we very much hope that you enjoy this latest addition to the Integral Life Practice library. If you have any questions at all about the Customize Your Mindfulness practice above, feel free to leave a comment here, and Meg will answer your questions directly!

  2. Meg Salter Author

    A personal welcome to the Customize Your Mindfulness Practice. Let me know what you think and happy to engage in dialog with you. Enjoy! ~ Meg

  3. Avatar

    Thank you very much for these guided practices. The instructions are very clear and they are opening a new horizon of peace in troubled times.

    1. Meg Salter Author

      Thanks so much Angelika. I have tried to present these complex teaching in a clear way: “simplicity on the other side of complexity”. I hope they are helping you, and that you are able to implement. We all need all the help we can get! Best – Meg

  4. Avatar

    Meg! Thanks for this! I’m so excited to see the combination of Integral and Unified Mindfulness. Such a natural fit! I just started but I’ll let you know more thoughts after I complete it. =)

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