From Trauma to Transcendence

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How to Find the Wisdom of the Wound

The vast majority of us experienced some form of trauma in our lives, or know someone who has. Sometimes that trauma goes very deep — physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual trauma (just look at the recent #metoo trend on Facebook to see how sadly common this is), serious injuries and accidents, medical procedures, combat disorders, or maybe the death of a loved one. Other times the trauma is more generalized — a great many of us, for example, are dealing with mild PTSD since the election of Trump, forcing us into a perpetual defensive state from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night.

Whatever your relationship trauma, there’s a good chance you have experienced for yourself how it can sabotage your happiness, twist your perceptions, erode your relationships, and distort your self-image.

If there is any common thread winding through our humanity, it is our pain. We are each unique in our strengths, and united in our vulnerability. The broken heart is shared by all, and dwells within a heart that can never be broken.

That is what this practice is about — transcending your trauma and discovering the “wisdom of the wound”, so that your own incredible capacity for healing can be unleashed in your heart, mind, and body.

This practice will help you cultivate the courage to face your trauma, discover an unbreakable source of resilience and empathy within yourself, and find deeper meaning in your suffering — so that you yourself can become a source of strength and healing for the rest of the world.

So take a bit of time with this practice, and move through it at your own pace. Take your time, and don’t go any faster than you need to. This process requires some time to fully unwind and uncoil in your heart, and you may want to return to this practice regularly.

You can also use the Notes app in the lower-left corner of this screen to reflect on whatever emerges as you engage with this practice. These notes are only visible to you, so feel free to be as honest and vulnerable as you can while doing this practice.


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    Dear Keith, It was very nice to meet you at What now. You were considerate and a good listener.
    I’ve listened your first three Trauma talks. Very nice. Very useful. I like the alternation between theory and your personal experience. Why were those three men in Oregon after you?

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