Morphic Fields and Holomorphic Info-Entropy

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There was a recent article published by The Resonance Science Foundation that sounds like indirect evidence for some form of subtle energy phenomena, and seems to support Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of subtle energies. One excerpt from the article reads:

“The researchers describe a new concept linking information and entropy together, through the system’s elemental parts, in what they term holomorphic info-entropy—much like the linking of space and time into the unitary manifold of spacetime or electricity and magnetism into electromagnetism. And just like in the latter terms, where the change in state of one results in a change in state of the other—like coupled oscillating electric and magnetic fields—a change in information or entropy results in the same reciprocal influence.”

Are they describing subtle forms of mass-energy here? Are “morphogenetic fields” — which are “informational fields” by definition — congruent with Ken’s understanding of subtle fields?

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