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We've created a free introductory course that will teach you the basics of Integral theory.

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This course will show you:

  • – How to find a way to make sense of life (and the world) that's getting more complex with every year,
  • – How to find answers to the big challenging questions of 21st century using the leading edge of science and philosophy at the same time,
  • – How to increase your level of consciousness,
  • – How to see everything in the universe as both a part and a whole,
  • – How each stage of consciousness creates its own world,
  • – Which practices and insights can help you live a fuller, more effective and joyful life,
  • and much more...

”Love it. Seriously brilliant content, tremendous delivery, and great structure. Thank you.” – one of the recent course reviews

Here's what you will get:

24 conscise and structured lessons, each designed to teach you one critical aspect of Integral thinking.

More than 50 free bonus discussions, presentations, and practices to help you dive as deeply as you like into each lesson.

A guided tour of the Integral Life website itself, helping you learn the many features and functions of the website.

A free private journaling app to record your reflections as you move through each lesson.


"The checklist is excellent. While I also see it as a wish list because if I achieved it, it would transform my life." – one of the recent course reviews


Free 24-Lesson Course

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As Deep as You Want to Go

Your time is precious, which is why we've designed this course to be as expandable as you want it to be.

The main course offers a series of concise, easy-to-follow lessons, each taking just 5-10 minutes to read and digest, offering the most accessible introduction to Integral thought and practice you can find.

Accompanying each lesson you will find multiple pieces of free bonus material — more than 50 free discussions, presentations, and practices overall — offering you countless opportunities to take a deep dive into each lesson.

These free bonus discussions are among the finest, most insightful, most entertaining we've ever published.

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Lisa Frost
Greg Thomas
Douglas Rushkoff
Lama Surya Das
Diane Musho Hamilton

Mark Fischler

Mark Palmer
Warren Farrell
Leslie Hershberger
Scott Ford

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Build Your Integral Life
Unit 1 Introduction: How to Build an Integral Mind
Unit 2 Holons: The Hidden Structure of the Universe
Unit 3 The Four Dimensions of Your Present Experience
Unit 4 Your Inner Experience: The Upper-Left Quadrant of Reality
Unit 5 Your Body & Behavior: The Upper-Right Quadrant Of Reality
Unit 6 Our Values And Relationships: The Lower-Left Quadrant
Unit 7 Systems And Networks That Sustain Us: The Lower-Right Quadrant
Unit 8 Reality Has Four Dimensions!
Unit 9 The 7 Signs You Have An Integral Mind
Unit 10 Integral Life Practice: The Life You Want To EXPERIENCE
Unit 11 Deeper Into ILP: Wake Up To Reality
Unit 12 The Universe Evolves. Here’s How.
Unit 13 The 10 Stages Of Ego Maturity
Unit 14 Growing Up: Building A More Complex Mind
Unit 15 Shadow
Unit 16 Cleaning Up: Healing Your Wounds
Unit 17 States Of Reality
Unit 18 Types: Let’s Look At Power
Unit 19 Hey Baby, What’s YOUR Type?
Unit 20 Polarity Thinking
Unit 21 So What Have We Learned So Far?
Unit 22 The Transformation Age
Unit 23 The Future You Is Calling: Time To Show Up
Unit 24 Bringing It All Together
Unit 25 How Does Being An Integral Thinker Help My Daily Life?

Free 24-Lesson Course

Start Building Your Integral Life In 24 Days:

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