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Somatic Alchemy: Developing Emotional Fluidity

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

In this practice, through body and voice we curiously explore both sides of emotional and feeling polarities such as engagement and indifference, kindness and irritation, confidence and insecurity, etc. This is fun and illuminating and develops emotional flexibility by training in fully inhabiting and then letting go of each quality for the other side, alternating between the two. Each practice ...

The Ken Show

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

In Zen Buddhism, the word kensho describes a sudden glimpse or insight into the nature of reality. At Integral Life, the “Ken Show” intends to offer you a very similar opportunity. The Ken Show is a monthly series with Ken Wilber, broadcast live on the second Saturday of every month, exclusively on Integral Life. Click here to find previous episodes.

Social Meditation

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Social Meditation is inherently an integral practice, embracing both the inner and outer of our experience, and explicitly practicing together as individuals and as a we. In Social Meditation we use a variety of peer-to-peer protocols and instruction sets to practice in any or all of the 4 Ups: Waking Up, Cleaning Up, Growing Up, Showing Up. Social Meditation was ...

Integrating to Action and Will Through Building Decision Making Muscles (Enneagram 9 Practice Group)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

"Moving beyond the distraction age and towards our own integration requires action, will, and decisiveness. Ennea 9s (and others as well) are haunted by inertia; an object at rest tends to stay at rest. For many 9s that means being glued to the couch. So getting ourselves (or ennea 9s we live with) to make a decision can feel like ...

Community Healing Circle (Enneagram 5 Practice Group)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Please join fellow Enneagram enthusiasts, spiritual practitioners, and engaged citizens for a community healing circle. You are invited into a space of reflection and witnessing of our personal and collective hopes, hurts, and growing edges as we tend to the important work of hospicing old systems and building new systems that affirm and regenerate life. Meet Your Practice Leader Jordan ...

The Deliciousness of Deep Listening (Connection Series)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Ken Wilber once said, “It is lonely at the top”. By “top,” he meant the higher reaches of the developmental stages where there are fewer and fewer self-identified integral folks…like us! He encouraged embracing this evolutionary space with both pride and humility. Let’s face it… the integral community is tiny. We aren’t always surrounded by a like-minded and like-hearted integral ...

Zero To Awake: The Subtle Body

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

We will use qualities of the three primary modes of consciousness as articulated by Ken Wilber as experiential doorways into the liberating dimensions of Waking-Up. Zero to Awake is a gradual practice sequence designed as an inclusive activation and appreciation of our spiritual nature. New and seasoned practitioners will find nourishment in this pointing- out instruction style guided meditation. Meet ...

Trying On Perspectives

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Our consciousness delivers a worldview of ourselves acting as autonomous agents, controlling our life. That worldview is the frame of the subject of our awareness. It is the proverbial water that we fish swim in everyday, moment to moment. What would it take for us to recognize that water in which we are swimming? Usually, we need a new perspective ...

Live Awake

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

So, you’ve woken up! Congratulations!….Now what? If you’ve had an enlightenment experience, the world may look pretty different to you now than it did before. What does 'being in the world, but not of the world’ look like? How do you live “awake?” Four surprisingly simple instructions offer beginning touchstones for navigating your everyday “post-awakening” life with wisdom and grace. ...

Dance With Your Darkness

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

“One can only face in others what one can face in oneself.” —James Baldwin When we disown aspects of ourselves, we amputate our ability to show up fully, access our gifts and align with our truth. Then we tend to project those aspects onto others and either envy or vilify them. But always, lying just beneath the surface of what ...

Integral Women’s Group

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Although our capacity for deeper connections actually increases with self-development, many of us have found that as we progress on our journey of growth that the friendships we once enjoyed no longer nourish us in the same way. Wouldn’t it be nice to develop friendships with women who share your values of waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing ...

Experience Inner Peace with iRest®

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

iRest® (integrative restoration) is a research-based secular application of an ancient mindfulness practice that combines deep relaxation and resiliency training with meditative inquiry to address such issues as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, and overall well-being. Developed by Dr. Richard Miller, iRest restores psychological & spiritual wholeness by healing unresolved issues in the body, mind & spirit, ...

N.A.I.L. Freedom and Flow

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

We all have unconscious bias - those blindspots that cloud our judgment, robbing us of our power. We all experience discomfort hearing that we have biases that prevent us from living our potential. In spite of everything, self-awareness is a definite possibility and the only way to reclaim our destiny. Imagine what can be different when you become more skilled ...

Integral Recovery For Everyone

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Each time we meet, we will explore an aspect of Integral Recovery. I am the author of an award-winning book called Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction, and most of the time we will follow the text of the book -- but not necessarily. Every time we meet we will also meditate together using ...

Debate as a Contemplative Discipline

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

To treat our enemies as intelligent, feeling beings. To treat those who disagree with us as worthy of dialogue and appreciation. To host the time and place within ourselves to thoroughly examine and investigate the thought processes that generate opinions. With these aspirations, we can willfully occasion a unification of opposing views and a resolution of their contradictions. Amongst people ...

The Inside-Out Revolution by Michael Neill (Book Discussion)

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Interested in discussing The Inside-Out Revolution? Transforming the World One Mind at a Time. The simplest way to change the world is to show up differently. This is an introduction to the Three Principles model of spiritual psychology that Paula is trained in. It’s a “new understanding of how life works that turns traditional psychology on its head. …is built ...

Embodying Infinity & Eternity

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join Lee to experience a greater sense of freedom and fullness in your daily life by engaging in practices designed to help expand your awareness of the nature of space and time. Explore the relationship between emptiness and form, and navigate the interplay between future, past and present. (These sessions are inspired by the work of Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku ...

Enter the Zone

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

We’ll start with a quick introduction to the groundbreaking work on flow states by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, followed by exploring practical ways we can create those juicy, elusive, rich and nourishing optimal states of deep engagement. Optional: Join 10 minutes early to chit-chat, meditate or engage in some music together. Meet Your Practice Leader Nomali Perera, MA, PCC, has been in ...

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What People Say About ILP:

  • Engaging with ILP in live sessions for just the past 8 weeks has been the most powerful, transformative experience of my life. And a time when I really needed it. The experiences, awakening, shifts and even some of the friends I’ve made are literally priceless, and I can’t believe you’re not charging thousands of dollars for it. Because you could. – Judy S.

  • Fantastic session. It was incredible to experience so much in one hour. Listening to others and their perspectives contributed to the illumination – Kim Willis about Jogen Salzberg's "No Hindrance"

  • Paula was obviously very experienced, she did a great job. Breakout rooms and repetition of instructions were great. – Nick Gluzdov about Paula Staffeldt's "Reality-Based Leadership"

  • The practice/content was clear and illuminating. Lisa's delivery, in terms of voice and pacing, was extraordinarily "just right". I'm looking forward to the next session! – Athena A. Pallis about Lisa Frost's "Integrating Previous Stages"

  • It was amazing how quickly Grant was able to set a safe space and make the process approachable for everyone. Well organized but not regimented. I really liked how lite and simple it was - coming from the middle of my workday and task oriented calls it was fresh air.– Josh McGill about Grant Hunter's "Circle Of Mutuality Group"

  • I have participated in 3 sessions so far, and have enjoyed how Lee creates an environment of clarity, simplicity, humanity and depth no matter what topic he introduces/lets us experience. – Anja C. about Lee Mason's "Harnessing the Power of Your Enneatype"

  • I was surprised at how much I accomplished in the one session. I’ve been working on a university course for branding a mission, but I got more with this. – Karin Payne about Nomali Perera's "Four Quadrant Mission Statement"

  • Outstanding session! From monkey mind to unity awareness within minutes thanks to Keith's excellent facilitation. Keith skillfully creates a practice space and consistently supports everyone's engagement throughout. – Lee Mason about Keith Martin-Smith's "Uncovering the Wisdom Within"

  • I really like that I left the session with a specific goal for the week. It was specific and inspiring. I was also inspired by the others I met in the breakout groups and they triggered other things for me to explore. – Claire Worlidge about Lee Mason's "Unleash Your Talents"

  • Very well organized information and exercises to reveal more that I need to know. I have some extra tools now and phrases to use when I'm in those sticky situations. – Mary Janicki about Nomali Perera's "Creating Healthy Boundaries for Empaths"

  • Great midday practice. Loving this new-to-me inhabiting awareness. Wonderful. – Sheila L. Stahl about Ryan Oelke's "Embodied Awareness"

  • Loved it! You get to see everyones perspectives and join in freely, everyone got a chance to speak up! So interesting and new-perspective-promoting! – Luna W. about Tyko Granberger's "Unity Within: Owning the Voices of Vulnerability and Power"