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Building Cross-Cultural Awareness: Our Ideas About Rewards and Obligations

Virtual Practice Session

Cultural affiliation triggers a very instinctive and visceral response in all of us because it taps into our sense of self-preservation, belonging and identity. We are group animals and therefore respond to our environment based on how our group - family, school, church or nation - taught us to behave. Needless to say, we also form expectations regarding how others ...

No Hindrance: Addressing Emotional & Spiritual Bypass

Virtual Practice Session

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes” - W. Whitman These facilitated sessions bring together the parts work modality of Voice Dialogue with non-dual awareness method to amplify understanding and transform fixed beliefs and attitudes that fall into the category of what is called Spiritual Bypassing. Spiritual Bypass is when we ...

Integral Life Holiday Lounge

Virtual Practice Session

Join Robb Smith for a casual holiday get-together by the Christmas tree.

Four Quadrant Mission Statement

Virtual Practice Session

We are lucky if we have something we long to create! Perhaps it is your next project to execute, problem to solve, polarity to manage or big desire to enact. While our work in the world comes easy to some of us, many of us also experience a lack of clarity in really stating what it is that we are ...

Witt & Wisdom

Virtual Practice Session

Keith Witt explores the rich terrain of the integral mind. Will include an open Q&A with anyone who would like to join the call. Just click the zoom link below to join the discussion! You can watch this free broadcast on the first Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM PT (3:00 MT / 5:00 ET). You can also stream ...

Centering Prayer: The GUS (God/Universe/Spirit) Connection

Virtual Practice Session

With Centering Prayer as our model we will share a bit of guidance exploring and clarifying our intention, joined with a bit of practice and reflection that leads to deeper intimacy with GUS… gaining through letting go. Expect to come away from this practice feeling a sense of calm, clarity, creativity and heightened intuition. Meet Your Practice Leader Charles Eduardos ...

Integrating Previous Stages

Virtual Practice Session

On our journey through the stages of development, there are aspects of those stages we tend to reject or cling to, regardless of what stage our center of gravity inhabits. In fact, the greater the degree we preference later stages, the more potential for shadow of earlier stages to be harbored within us. Integration happens when we allow ourselves to ...

Uncovering the Wisdom Within

Virtual Practice Session

Our focus in Simply Sitting is on creating and sustaining a meditation practice that isn't about spirituality. It's not about enlightenment, or attaining some special state of being. It's not about anything you might experience. It's about the simplicity of sitting, and being with what is, day after day. And it just might change your life. Meet Your Practice Leader ...

Embodied Awareness

Virtual Practice Session

Through a cultivation of embodiment we can more fully awaken, heal, and respond to life. As such, we can integrate many practices of awakening with embodiment, making our awakening much stronger and more rooted and integrated in our lives. Ryan will guide us in a foundational embodiment meditation of inhabiting our body as embodied awareness. By inhabiting our body in ...


Virtual Practice Session

Inhabit is a monthly practice-based series with Ryan Oelke and Corey deVos, designed to help you embody your own unique expression of integral being and more fully inhabit the territory of your life, your relationships, and your world.

The Daily Evolver

Virtual Practice Session

In the Daily Evolver series, host Jeff Salzman explores the pressing news stories of the day, lending some much-needed perspective to the people, events, and ideas that shape the world around us, offering a regular touchpoint for one of the most important practices of all: the practice of staying informed. Every Wednesday at 12 PM PT (1 PM MT / ...

The Daily Evolver

Virtual Practice Session

In the Daily Evolver series, host Jeff Salzman explores the pressing news stories of the day, lending some much-needed perspective to the people, events, and ideas that shape the world around us, offering a regular touchpoint for one of the most important practices of all: the practice of staying informed. Every Wednesday at 12 PM PT (1 PM MT / ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what people say about ILP:

  • Engaging with ILP in live sessions for just the past 8 weeks has been the most powerful, transformative experience of my life. And a time when I really needed it. The experiences, awakening, shifts and even some of the friends I’ve made are literally priceless, and I can’t believe you’re not charging thousands of dollars for it. Because you could. – Judy S.

  • Fantastic session. It was incredible to experience so much in one hour. Listening to others and their perspectives contributed to the illumination – Kim Willis about Jogen Salzberg's "No Hindrance"

  • Paula was obviously very experienced, she did a great job. Breakout rooms and repetition of instructions were great. – Nick Gluzdov about Paula Staffeldt's "Reality-Based Leadership"

  • The practice/content was clear and illuminating. Lisa's delivery, in terms of voice and pacing, was extraordinarily "just right". I'm looking forward to the next session! – Athena A. Pallis about Lisa Frost's "Integrating Previous Stages"

  • It was amazing how quickly Grant was able to set a safe space and make the process approachable for everyone. Well organized but not regimented. I really liked how lite and simple it was - coming from the middle of my workday and task oriented calls it was fresh air.– Josh McGill about Grant Hunter's "Circle Of Mutuality Group"

  • I have participated in 3 sessions so far, and have enjoyed how Lee creates an environment of clarity, simplicity, humanity and depth no matter what topic he introduces/lets us experience. – Anja C. about Lee Mason's "Harnessing the Power of Your Enneatype"

  • I was surprised at how much I accomplished in the one session. I’ve been working on a university course for branding a mission, but I got more with this. – Karin Payne about Nomali Perera's "Four Quadrant Mission Statement"

  • Outstanding session! From monkey mind to unity awareness within minutes thanks to Keith's excellent facilitation. Keith skillfully creates a practice space and consistently supports everyone's engagement throughout. – Lee Mason about Keith Martin-Smith's "Uncovering the Wisdom Within"

  • I really like that I left the session with a specific goal for the week. It was specific and inspiring. I was also inspired by the others I met in the breakout groups and they triggered other things for me to explore. – Claire Worlidge about Lee Mason's "Unleash Your Talents"

  • Very well organized information and exercises to reveal more that I need to know. I have some extra tools now and phrases to use when I'm in those sticky situations. – Mary Janicki about Nomali Perera's "Creating Healthy Boundaries for Empaths"

  • Great midday practice. Loving this new-to-me inhabiting awareness. Wonderful. – Sheila L. Stahl about Ryan Oelke's "Embodied Awareness"

  • Loved it! You get to see everyones perspectives and join in freely, everyone got a chance to speak up! So interesting and new-perspective-promoting! – Luna W. about Tyko Granberger's "Unity Within: Owning the Voices of Vulnerability and Power"