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Acedia: Befriending an Emotion You May Not Know You Have Right Now

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

“With some communities in rebooted lockdown conditions and movement restricted everywhere else, no one is posting pictures of their sourdough. Zoom cocktail parties have lost their novelty, Netflix can only release so many new series. The news seems worse every day, yet we compulsively scroll through it. We get distracted by social media, yet have a pile of books unread. ...

Integral Life Practice: The Antidote to a Divided Era

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Divided minds lead to divided times, and it is the central calling of an integral life to heal division within and in the world through a living capacity for higher integration, inclusion and compassion. This isn’t easy, and it requires practice, but ILP is a dedicated community to help you do so. Meet your practice leader Robb Smith is a ...

2020 Through the Stages of Development

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

In this session, Beena Sharma will walk us through a short practice of harmonizing our experiences of 2020, using the lens of vertical development. Beena will take us on a short yet spacious tour of one aspect of each stage of development that we can explore subjectively. You can walk away with a brief practice guide you can use anytime. ...

Map of Trust

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

2020 has been a year of challenges. The physical and financial challenges often take center stage. But the psychological challenges are right there, underneath the headlines. The most insidious of which is the erosion of trust. Can I trust anyone? Anything? We ask ourselves these questions every day. The answers are crucial. Our very existence hangs in the balance. The ...

Healing the Divide Within: Integrating 2020

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Every year of our human journey is an invitation to grow and evolve. Challenges, crises and uncertainty are opportunities to build our resilience and integrate past material. But let’s face it, 2020 has gone above and beyond the typical range of challenges, forcing all of humanity to confront uncomfortable truths about ourselves, our systems and each other. Join Lisa Frost ...